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LuDominmne aluIganar
Province of Iganar
Ishak I Memorial Temple
Ishak I Memorial Temple
Location of Iganar

The Province of Iganar (Packilvanian: LuDominimne aluIganar) is a high-level subnational administrative division of Packilvania. It is bordered by Jumhurikesh to the north and east, Fidakar to the southeast, Ashura to the northwest, Mekedesh to the southwest and Rigaryat to the south.

The Meked and Jumhur Rivers flow through its territory and the Abaxahad River originates within its territory. It belongs to the Central West Packilvanian Timezone (CWPT) which is at +5 UTC. It has dry summer and grassland climates in the centre, semi arid and hot desert climates to the west and east, and savanna to the south. Its major cities include its capital and largest city, Zukaril, Qadash Kebir, Amhoudshtar, Eden, Akhastar, Qayeer, and Yahavat. The city of Akas Akil in Ashura is located less than 100km from its border, thus it often acts as a resting point on the journey of pilgrims going to the Memorial of the Jovian Gate.

Like the rest of Packilvania, its official and most widely spoken language is Packilvanian and its official and most widely practiced religion is Paxism. Its largest species are the Feline. It has the second largest population of any province in Packilvania with 145,370,700, making it one of the top 10 most populated subnational divisions on Urth (more than Caltharus in Great Morstaybishlia and nearly double the country of Norgsveldet). It has the highest nominal GDP of any subnational division in Packilvania at 1,130,984,046,000 KRB. It has a nominal GDP per capita of 7,780 KRB. Its capital Zukaril has a city-proper population of 10,560,345 people, making it the 6th most heavily populated city in Packilvania. Iganar's economy is driven by financial services, minerals, oil and natural gas, steel refining, chemicals, heavy manufacturing, and wine-making. Despite being one of the biggest hydrocarbon producers in the world, a large part of its energy comes from hydroelectric power, which has been a source of disputes with Rigaryat and Fidakar over water usage.

Its current Governor is Prince Harim a-Amhoud Bedon, the father of the incumbent Prime Minister of Packilvania, Prince Luwadeen a-Harim Bedon. The Judge-President of the Iganar High Court is Marquis Shahad Wadeeq of Kijal. It does not have a Religious Appeals Court. Seated in the Temple of Right Hand in Zukaril, Akhamast Gurunda is the Great Magister of Iganar and represents the province in the Magisterium of Paxism. It is the second most religiously repressive place in Packilvania after Ashura and among the most politically repressive and one of the most resistant to the reforms put in place by Prince Thumim a-Namdun Bedon as the Regent.


The Governor of Iganar (muMeer) is His Imperial Highness (muWaloof muShahitishme), Prince (muMamlukmne) Harim a-Amhoud Bedon.

The Premier of Iganar (muVazeer muBas aluDominimne), the Esteemed (muRahman), Lord Dr. Luhad Wamdan, Duke of Gumdahan.

The Provincial Executive Council (luMijhalis luDominmne aleVazeer) consists of the following Provincial Ministers (meVazeer aluDominimne):

  • Transport: Lord Hubeed Faijil, Duke of Raman
  • Healthcare: Lady Rushaila Wahadeen, Marchioness of Gurheel
  • Workers and Pensions: Lord Ermahan Washal, Earl of Jamhal
  • Education: Lady Khulmia Thahar, Marchioness of Rumhida
  • Police: Lord Yamhad Furbeed, Marquis of Harmuniya
  • Social Welfare: Lord Umdeen Jabral, Marquis of Ramdiyal
  • Tourism: Lord Emahed Lusheed, Duke of Shumhudiya
  • Environment: Lady Samaila Vahal, Marchioness of Usmadahan
  • Agriculture and Rural Development: Lord Rawas Bahandeen, Earl of Yasmawad
  • Public Housing: Lord Ihtar Palhaad, Earl of Xadahad
  • Urban Planning and Development: Lord Thumil Virhadeen, Marquis of Khemahal
  • Sports and Culture: Lord Girminion Salhabad, Earl of Wasmoon

The Speaker (muKhaman) of the Provincial Legislature (luKhanoniyat aluDominimne) is Lord Shalmadien Arkhuwameed, Duke of Ildion. The Provincial Legislature is seated in Yarhamood Palace in Zukaril. There are 570 members. They were last selected in 2021 for a 3-year term. They are apportioned as follows:

  • 450 representatives of municipal governments nominated by the Municipal Councils based on the basis of population
  • 34 High Magisters of Iganar
  • 86 Senior Magisters nominated by the Provincial Conference of the Magisterium of Paxism

The Judge-President (muQadim muRayeesgur) is Lord Shahad Wadeeq, Marquis of Kijal. The High Court of Iganar consists of 78 Judges (meQadim).


Iganar has an economy of 1,130,984,046,000 KRB and a GDP per capita of 7,780 KRB. The economy consists of 24% mining, 13% agriculture, 40% services and 15% manufacturing.

Iganar has petroleum reserves of 1.05 billion barrels and produces 890,400 on barrels of petroleum on average per daIt has 120 million barrels in natural gas reserves and produces 13,400 barrels of natural gas on a daily basis. It produces 780,000 tonnes of coal annually. Iganar produces platinum, chromium and uranium.

Iganar is a major producer of wheat, and cotton. It produces 87% of its food needs and imports the remaining 13% from other provinces. It exports over 31% of its grain to surrounding provinces.

The largest trade partners of Iganar are Jumhurikesh (18%), Ashura (16%), and Fidakar (13%). Its largest foreign trade partners are Great Morstaybishlia (4%), Vekaiyu (3%), Peregrinia (1.2%) and Volkia (0.2%).

Iganar's largest airport is the Sultana Yahmida International Airport near Zukaril. The longest high speed rail routes include Qadash Kebir to Zukaril, Akhastar to Qadash Kebir and Akhastar to Zukaril. The longest high speed rail routes out of the province include Zukaril to Akas Akil, Akhastar to Everyet, and Zukaril to Medayin.



Iganar has 5 teams in the Soccer Super League: the Zukaril Warriors S.C., the Akhastar Tigers S.C., the Qadash Kebir Eagles S.C., the Amhoudshtar Titans S.C., and the Edhen Buffaloes S.C. Iganar has won the league 7 times, in 1976, 1981, 1989, 1992, 2004, and 2008. In the Soccer University League, it currently has 4 teams, the University of Zukaril Sabers S.C., the University of Akhastar Literocrats S.C., and the University of Qadash Kebir Fighters S.C.

Iganar has hosted the annual Imperial Sports Convention (previously known as the People's Sports Convention) 12 times, 6 in Zukaril, 4 in Akhastar and 2 in Qadash Kebir. The Province sends 6 teams to the Imperial Rugby Union Cup, 7 teams to the Imperial Basketball League, 5 teams to the Imperial Table Tennis Tournament and 4 teams to the Cricket Premier League.

Art and Music

The Zukaril National Film Festival is hosted every year. The Iganarian Film and Media Association unites actors, broadcasters and related media. The highest provincial award for music is the Iganar Music Awards.

Museums and Libraries

The Iganarian Imperial Museum Association comprises over 98 museums of which the largest is the Zukaril Imperial Museum of Paleontology which houses over 12,000 fossilised remains including the 0.9 tonne skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex and 1.4 tonne skeleton of a Brachiosaurus.


Iganar is visited by 28 million people every year. Major attractions include the Mekhabar Ruins, the ruins of a 3,000 year old civilisation, the Shalmidan Caves, a 56 kilometre underground labyrinth of naturally formed chambers that are a major source of fossils, the Khidan Falls, a massive waterfall of the Khidan River that feeds into the Jumhur River, Subayeel Quarter, a trendy neighbourhood in Zukaril known for shopping and the Besoon Tomad Nature Park which is famous for its massive populations of elephants, rhinoes, crocodiles, hippopotamuses, lions, and leopards.


The greatest examples of Iganar Ian architecture include