Morsto-Rodenian loan

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The Morsto-Rodenian Loan Agreement was a loan made to Rodenia by Great Morstaybishlia on 10 January 2019, enabling its economy prior to the Rodenian Civil War to keep afloat. The loan was negotiated by Morstaybishlian economist and cabinet politician Frank Monday and Rodenian diplomat Archer C. Fell. Apart of the loan agreement was that a provisional Santon administration would commit to democratic elections within the first year, however, Santon faced immense pressure from revival civil war factions and did not begin elections. The loan was for ♅1.3 billion at a 3% interest rate.

Rodenia invaded Puntalia in the 2020 Puntalian Crisis, where the UCA and other entities intervened, including the MBE and Packilvania. Morstaybishlia's involvement is believed to have been motivated somewhat by the preservation of this loan. Rodenia kept a swathe of Puntalia despite international backlash, and following the Puntalian Compromise Treaty, many nations severed ties with and levied sanctions against Rodenia. Following this in the FY 2020-2021, Morstaybishlia revealed that a minimum repayment was received.