Meri Lauluan Coalition War

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Morsto-Lauluan War

Meri Lauluan soldiers clash with Morstaybishlian forces in Seibhu
DateAugust 19, 1617 - July 31, 1620
South Eastern Arcturia, primarily in present-day Sokala
Result Morstaybishlian victory and annexation of the Sokalan archipelago
Morstaybishlian Empire

Meri Laulu
Unity of Indigenous Tribes
Imperial Diyu

Kingdom of Durdneel
Commanders and leaders
Lambertus V

Tiaro Tanashiri
Council of Elder Chiefs
Aiguo Diyu

Conal Ó Conchobhair
Morstaybishlian Empire

Meri Laulu
The Insulares Army:

  • 30,000

The Insulares Navy:

  • 43 frigates
  • 20 galleons

Unity of Indigenous Tribes

  • 10,000

Imperial Diyu
The Imperial Army:

  • 50,000

The Imperial Navy:

  • 59 frigates
  • 30 galleons

Kingdom of Durdneel
The Northern Army:

  • 60,000

The Northern Navy:

  • 20 frigates
  • 13 galleons
Casualties and losses
Military Casualties

Military Casualties
Meri Laulu

  • 5,700 dead in battle
  • 10,200 wounded

Unity of Indigenous Tribes

  • 7,700 dead in battle
  • 2,000 wounded

Imperial Diyu

  • 20,000 dead
  • 13,000 wounded

Kingdom of Durdneel

  • 40,000 dead
  • 5,000 wounded

Destroyed Equipment
Meri Laulu

Imperial Diyu

Kingdom of Durdneel

Civilian Casualties

The Meri Lauluan Coalition War (1617-1620) was a war waged by Morstaybishlian Empire and Ethalria against the Meri Lauluan Coalition after Morstaybishlia and Ethalria agreed to split the archipelago. After the Morstaybishlianinvasion of the Unity of Indigenous Tribes in 1616, Meri Laulu established the Meri Lauluan Coalition, a defensive coalition formed by the three non-colonial nations in the peninsula. The coalition compromised Meri Laulu, The Kingdom of Durdneel and Imperial Diyu.