MBE Liberals

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MBE Liberals

Liberal Party
LeaderNancy Smith
Preceded byNone
HeadquartersKaragow, Rouanezkador, Kaltariezh
Classical liberalism
Political positionRight-wing
International affiliationNone
Seats in the House of Representatives
14 / 1,794

The Liberal Party, officially the MBE Liberals, is a political party registered in Great Morstaybishlia. It is one of the first political parties established in the nation with its origin in 1909, though no elections took place until after the monarchy handed over the right to absolutism in 1917. From the 1910s to the 1950s the Liberal Party was one of the Two Greats, alongside the Conservatives. Today, the Liberal Party occupies a smaller role and has not formed government or opposition since the last Liberal Prime Minister Alec Lanx in 1945, though during the Conservative administrations of Sinkasa and Logrin (1991-1998) the Liberal Party formed as coalition partners. Its current leader is Nancy Smith. who was elected in 2013.