Lambertus III

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Lambertus III
Lambertus in 1505
King of Morstaybishlia
Reign29 August 1515 - 1 December 1520
SuccessorEdwin III
King of Staynes
Reign11 September 1482 - 29 August 1515
PredecessorCrago V
Born14 March 1462
Redrugus, Staynes
Died1 December 1520(1520-12-01) (aged 58)
Divpontioù, Kaltariezh
Syllester Abbey
SpouseAzenor II (m. 1497)
Lambertus Rugus Edwin

Lambertus III, often Lambertus the Great, (14 March 1462 - 1 December 1520) was King of Staynes, and later Morstaybishlia from 1515 until his death. Lambertus was the King of Staynes during the Kaltariz Civil War, marrying Azenor Cadoret in 1497 and allying with the Azenorites to win the war by 1505, leading to the personal union of Staynes and Kaltariezh and later political union of Morstaybishlia in 1515.