Lambertus III

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Lambertus III
King of Morstaybishlia (Staynes-Caltharus)
Reign29 August 1515 - 1 December 1520
SuccessorSlev III
King of Staynes
Reign11 September 1482 - 29 August 1515
Born14 March 1462
Sani Bursil Royal Palace, Sani Bursil
Died1 December 1520(1520-12-01) (aged 58)
Kentar, Dogrugia, Caltharus
Syllester Abbey
SpouseKatarina Emerada (m. 1502)
Lambertus Nickard Gustav

Lambertus III, (14 March 1462 - 1 December 1520) was King of Staynes from 11 September 1482 - 29 August 1515, where he was crowned King of Morstaybishlia until his death. He was known as Lambertus the Great and the First Emperor of the Morstaybishlian Empire because of his success. He was the second of six children of Theobald.

By the age of 18, Lambertus had been given an army to put down rebellions in Kormistazm against his father. Lambertus was a central commander during the Battle of Caltharus in 1515, leading the campaign in spite of a general disagreement showed amongst his most trusted. However, from January to September that year, Lambertus scored a multitude of victories, slaying the rebellion which had taken down the Caltharusian throne a few years before.

Lambertus spoke Jubliakese, Middle Staynish and Calth. He was born in Staynes during the reign of his great-grandfather, Frederick I, and helped fight alongside his father during times of conflict.