Kaltariz Civil War

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Kaltariz Civil War

Lambertus and Azenor in Rouanezkador at the end of the war

Azenor Cadoret's victory

Personal union between Staynes and Kaltariezh
Azenorite Kaltariezh
Kirusite Kaltariezh
Commanders and leaders
Lambertus III
Azenor II
Kirus Cadoret

The Kaltariz Civil War was a civil war in the late 15th and early 16th centuries in Kaltariezh fought between two claimants of the Cadoret throne; Kirus Cadoret and Azenor Cadoret. The latter married Lambertus III of Staynes in 1501 and won the war by 1505. This was the last time the Kaltariz throne was contested, and saw Kaltariezh form a personal union with Staynes, which would go on to form Morstaybishlia in 1515.