Kretsburg Skirmish

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Kretsburg Skirmish
Part of the Irnac War
DateJuly 15, 2020
Near Kretsburg, Durakia
Result Start of the Irnac War
Durakia Vakarastan
Units involved
20 soldiers 15 soldiers
Casualties and losses
6 killed 4 killed

The Kretsburg Skirmish was a small altercation between Durakan and Vakari soldiers that lead to the start of the Irnac War.


The 1937 Treaty of Ostrom, which ended the Durakan Civil War, had enforced the creation of a demilitarized zone on the border of Durakia and Vakarastan.

The incident

On July 15, personnel from the Vakari Mining Company, accompanied by a few Vakari soldiers, crossed the border and violating the Treaty of Ostrom. Durakian soldiers responded, demanding that the Vakari leave Durakian territory.

What resulted was a small skirmish with a few fatalities on both sides.


Durakia quickly published a statement blaming the Vakari for the incident, and published footage of the incident to support their claims. On the other hand, the Vakari claimed that the Durakians made an unprovoked attack on Vakari workers, which lead to Vakari soldiers having to back them up.

Durakia threatened to withdraw from the non-aggression pact between them and Vakarastan.

Shortly after the incident, Tretrid declared their support for Durakia, and several other nations would later declare their support, including, Arkalarius, Norgsveldet, and Meagharia.