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The Greater Oan Union (Oan: Whakakotahitanga a Poronihia) is a moribund geopolitical organization and personal union which presently comprises the Oan Isles and the Kohatu Isles (which is de facto a part of the Oan Isles) as being under a personal union of the The Crown of Greater Oa

Although the nations that comprise the union are formally equal nations, the Greater Oan Union is seen as a political and geographic extension of the influence of The Oan Isles over the Kohatu Isles and a conduit for the desired reintegration of the Morstaybishlian West Pacific Territories into a a greater Greater Oan state led by the Oan Isles.

Through the Charter of Greater Oathe Greater Oan Union claims to represent the interests of all the people of Greater Oa rough geographic, cultural and linguistic region of insular states in the Morstaybishlian and Caven Seas and the Pacific Ocean.

The union claims exists to provide mutual economic, political and military support, to control the flow of goods, people and financial capital, and to provide for the protection and promotion of the cultural heritage of the Greater Oan peoples. Nonetheless, the Oan Isles has the ability to interfere in the internal affairs of member states directly (e.g. approving changes to the constitution of the Kohatu Isles).

Member states

  • The Serene Realm of the Oan Isles
  • The Caven Greater Oan Realm of the Kohatu Isles



The Rangitanga-a-te-Moana, His Serene Majesty, Oahoanu, is the head of state of each member state. Although the Emperor is the head of the union, he has virtually no real political power. Nonetheless, the Crown is a powerful conceptual unifying force and symbol of the people of Greater Oa


Although the Greater Oan Union superficially recognises and the Kohatu Isles as an equal member state, according to international custom it is a dependent territory of the Oan Isles. This arises because the Oan government is responsible for the foreign relations, defence and monetary policy of the other members, without those the Kohatu Isles being able to exert similar power over the Oan Isles. Moreover, some legislative prerogatives such as foreign trade are shared by the Oan and Kohatuan governments. In practice, the head of government of the Oan Isles, Prime Minister Maui Uye-Ahua is the most powerful official in the Greater Oan Union.

Inter-nation forums

Nonetheless, the Serene Council exists as a forum for the countries to confer on important issues. The Serene Council is comprised of representatives of the member states and has some minor powers to make decisions over limited issues which affect the whole union. In practice it consists of mostly Oan politicians and peers. Its sole real responsibility is to deal with matters of succession relating to the Crown of Greater Oa It is helmed by the chair, currently a politician from the Kohatu Isles, Lord Emerald Akare, Great Chief of Marakate, who oversees the administrative issues of the Council.

Foreign relations

Because the Oan Isles is a member of the United Nations of the Auroran Continent, the Kohatu Isles is also covered by UNAC law. Because the Union allows free trade, travel and capital flows between nations, citizens and businesses of these countries have access to the UNAC markets. Because the Oan Isles is closely aligned with the UNAC, especially the United Kingdom, the foreign relations of the Kohatu Isles closely align with those of the former Allied powers.

The Oan Isles manages the diplomatic relations of all member nations, but they have limited capacity to enter into international agreements with other nations. The Kohatu Isles, for instance, maintains close relations with East Malaysia because of joint development and exploration of petroleum and gas resources in the Caven Sea.