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Retcon due to updates in species information is underway and the addition of A LOT of years to history.

Peregrinia, officially known as The United Empire of Peregrinia (Kilumi: Perehxekoinmipia) and formally as The Astryon Sovereignty is a absolute, hereditary, federal monarchy located in Southeast Yasteria region of Urth. It is comprised of the Empire of Astryon, Masakomi Imperium, Kingdom of Caven, East Gemica, Iseul Special Administrative Region and the Hoopland Metropolitan Area. The population of Peregrinia is comprised of Peregrin Elves, Masakomi Nekomimi, and Humans of mixed Kodeks and Wakohvean decent.

The United Empire of Peregrinia

Flag of Peregrinia
Motto: Ramipiaynmun
Nation Under God
National Animal: Kabuverdianu Raven
National Flower: Royal Poinsettia
Anthem: Prevail
LocationLocated in Southeast Yasteria and north of Aurora
LargestPrometheusburg (Prome)
Official languagesKilumi
Recognised national languagesStaynish
Recognised regional languagesWakohvean
Ethnic groups
61% Peregin Elf
31% Human
7% Masako Nekomimi
1% Other
GovernmentMonarchy, semi-democratic
• Empress
Glendale Jung
• Prince
Justin Jung
• Prime Emperor
Alexander Caven-Templeton
2,449,400 km2 (945,700 sq mi)
• 2019 estimate
• 2014 census
GDP (nominal)2019 estimate
• Total
6.5 Trillion
• Per capita
CurrencySoutheast Yasteira Recan (SYϡ) (SY♮)
Driving sideright
Calling code737
ISO 3166 codePGA
Internet TLD.per


Early Settlement

Around 20,000 years ago a group of nomadic Loopia Nekomimi tribes traveled south following the light of a midnight star or what scientists believe to be a supernova event. They originally settled off the coast of present day Fortuna, in what are present day Packilvanian enclaves of Antimovo and Samokov, after the midnight star faded out of sight and they were met with the vast ocean in their path.

After peacefully living in the area for about 15,000 years they were met with a new adversary, humans, that started to hunt and exploit the loosely governed tribes. The tribes were still technologically more advanced than the humans and were able to fight off the human aggressors after the tribes banded together and called themselves the Mesakomi.

After several millennia of fighting off the humans the Nekomimi decided to continue the ancient quest they were taught from their ancient text as they improved upon their boat construction skills. 4,000 years ago the Five scout ships were sent out to explore what was beyond the horizon to see if they could discover lands untouched by the humans as all the lands around them had many humans now.

After six months of sailing and exploring the lands to the south it was discovered they also had many human settlements. As they continued south the ships got swept up into a storm they took them off course and out into the ocean. Two of the ships were lost and the three remaining ships continued south.

After three months of sailing and running nearly out of food they saw land on the horizon and landed at present day Korok. The ship's crew set up a basecamp when they did not see any humans and began exploring the land, studying the stars and winds to get back to the tribes with their discovery of a human-free land.

While the scientific studies of the stars and winds were going on one of the scout ships disembarked to explore the land they could see to the west. After a few days of exploring the land they discovered an elf species that was not recorded in their catalog of known species. They had the appearance of elves but with moon shaped eyes and did not speak any known elven language they knew. Early interactions with this elf species led to many violent encounters due to miscommunication.


Two years after Nekomimi settlement, the tribes of the Masakomi started to unify under Warrior Queen Mern Juoi. She formed the Council of Masako, one of the oldest legislative bodies still in existence, to bring the lands of the Masakomi closer together.


Five years after unification started, the capital was moved to the newly established city Kreft, that was more centralized to the newly formed Ojkgxemasakomi or Masakomi Imperium.

Border Wars

Kingdom of Wakohvea scouts encountered the Nekomimi on the outskirts of Cosmoh when exploring the land along the coast north of Truzcon. This

Lazlowia Secession

In what is known as recorded year 900, Lazlowia Tieflings split off to form the Ojkgxelazlowia

Ⲕilumi Enlightenment


Wakohvean Civil War

Kabuverdianu Rise to Power

Kingdom Formation

Three Powers Era

Caven-Masakomi War

Astryon-Masakomi Union

Downfall of Caven

Caven-Morst War

The Great War


Rise of Peregrinia

Emperor Shto Assassination

1980 Terrorist Attacks

United Empire


Government and Politics

Monarchy, semi-democratic
Imperial Jung Family lead by Empress Glendale Jung controls 80% of the Peregrinian Empire. The remaining 20% is controlled by the Prime Emperor/Empress and Imperial Senate which are democratically elected to represent the people


Legal System


18 years of age is the Imperial Minimum Standard Suffrage.


Empress Jung

Empress: Glendale Jung

Prince: Justin Jung

Prime Emperor: Alexander Caven-Templeton


The Prime Emperor is the president of the Synod, which is comprised of elected Convocators. The parties form coalitions that elect a Prime (Majority Leader) and Ancillary (Minority Leader) Convocator.

Prime Convocator:
Ancillary Convocator:


Prime Judicature

Imperial Judicature

Ancillary Judicature


Northcaven National Forest
  • Tropical, fully humid (Af) (majority of the Peregrin population lives here)
  • Tropical, Monsoon (Am)
  • Mountain Range: Mild temperate, Fully humid, Hot summer (Cfa) / Snow, Dry summer, Hot summer (Dsa)
  • Tropical, Dry summer (As) (East Gemica Islands, that's the "As" at the bottom)
Eastrovia River Headwaters and Waterfall that flows into the Marlyn Lake


Ethnicity & Species

Peregrinia is home to three different species of hominid: elves, humans and nekomimi.

Peregrin Elf

Peregrin Human

Peregrin Nekomimi


Read more on the Culture of East Malaysia (out of date, reWIP)3

Flag Meaning

Administrative Divisions

Cities of Peregrinia


Largest City

Prometheusburg is the financial/business center of the nation.

Important Cities

States and Territories


National Holidays

Regular New Year - January 1st
Sovereignty Day - May 27th
Peregrin New Year - July 4th
Halloween Festival Day - October 31st
Two Days of Giving (Christmas) - December 24th & 25th


  • Imperial Defense Command
    • Imperial Guard
  • Imperial Oceanic Command
    • Imperial Corps
  • Imperial Aviation Command
    • Aeronautics, Space and Weather Administration

Foreign Relations

Located at The East Pacific Forum

Major Companies

Advan Group
Akkala Tobacco
Affiliated Global Communications
Air Peregrinia
Annie's Coffee & Tea
Capitalist Coalition Worldwide
Daz International
Phelps Communications
Royal Caven Petroleum
Sarvis Automobile Sales International
Sey Post
SeyHilton Hotels

Political Parties

Imperialist Party (I)

People's Coalition Party (P)

Civil Liberties Party (C)

Political Pressure

International Organizations

Peregrinia is an observer state of the United Nations of the Auroran Continent

Former Leaders