Geography of Packilvania

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The naturally occurring water resources of the country are not divided evenly. The North-East, East and South have an abundance of water resources. The South benefits from its proximity to the Aequator and subsequent high level of rain. Many of the rivers of the country originate from the high mountains of the North East, Drakkengard, Northern Allegheny and West Vekaiyu (Trans-Drakkengard Mountain System). The Central Plateau contains the largest concentration of accessible fresh water resources in the country due to the presence of large natural lakes. The Trans-Drakkengard Mountain System contains the highest volume of glacial freshwater outside of the Rotantic and Sempiternic circles. The longest rivers in the country (in descending order of length) are the Ufrata, Ubrahamahan (also known as the Ubrahaman), Meked, Jumhur, Lashakhan, and Abaxahad Rivers. The largest fresh water bodies of water in descending order of surface area are the Pashtaq, Kaliwad, Hamad Yawal and Noliah lakes.

90% of Packilvania's water consumption relies on surface water resources. Due to the demand for water in the arid regions of the North, West and Centre, water resources have been diverted by aqueducts and canals. Underwater resources also compensate for the dirth of surface water in the arid regions. Disputes over water between administrative regions has been a significant challenge for national unity. Securing the sources of the rivers originating from the Trans-Drakkengard Mountain System has been a significant geopolitical concern.


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Political geography

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Packilvania comprises 8 provinces (Ashura, Jumhurikesh, Mekedesh, Rigaryat, Kharyat, Ukanar, Iganar and Fidakar), 4 autonomous cities (Bingol, Kemer, Subakil and Gezer), and one overseas territory (Antimovo & Samokov Territory). Provinces are further subdivided into regions which are subdivided into municipalities. The autonomous cities are divided into districts and wards. Autonomous cities and provinces have been devolved similar levels of control over their internal affairs. Antimovo & Samokov are ruled directly by the Crown.


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