Antimovo & Samokov

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Antimovo & Samokov

luVilayet a-Antimovo na-Samokov (Packilvanian)
Dependent territory
Territory of Antimovo & Samokov
" Ashamiliya" (Packilvanian)
Anthem: luHumaan luDomin aBakhalifaniya (Packilvanian)
National Anthem of Packilvania
Assimilated under the Demirite dynasty17th century
Seceded from the Crencello and Sorentavia TerritoryEarly 20th century
 • TypeCentrally controlled dependent territory
 • BodyOffice for Antimovo & Samokov Affairs
 • Administrator for Antimovo & Samokov AffairsAleed Samah
 • Estimate 

Antimovo & Samokov (formally known as the Antimovo & Samokov Territory, Packilvanian: LuVilayet a-Antimovo na-Samokov) is an overseas territory of Packilvania located in the Crencello Arc of the Packilvanian Ocean. It consists of two islands: Antimov and Samokov.

Antimov & Samokov was formed when Packilvania granted the Sorentavia & Crencello Territory independence. Packilvania kept Antimov and Samokov and amalgamated into one overseas territory administered by the central government. Today, it is ruled directly by the Crown via the Office of Antimov and Samokov Affairs, currently Aleed Samah. The capital city of Antimov and Samokov is the city of Antimovshtar.

This area has a total population of 900,000 people, almost all of whom are Feline. Paxism is the majority religion. The territory is represented in the Magisterium of Paxism by the High Magister of Samokov, Hidon Wahed. Although Imperial Standard Packilvanian is the official language, the people speak the Antimovian and Samokovian dialects of Packilvanian which are characterised by influences of Fortunan, Sorentavian and Crencelloese.

The economy of the region relies heavily on tourism, gambling, retail, military activity and space exploration. The area is the site of space rocket launch sites and a military base and training academy as well as a key intelligence installation. Antimov & Samokov have a total GDP of 45 billion KRB and a GDP per capita of 5,000 KRB.