Fort Staynes

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Fort Staynes
Founded by King Volkemurc. 1005 BC (As Malteria)
 • ProvostChristopher Nickelstone
33 m (108 ft)
 • Total1,898,167

Fort Staynes is a large city situated on the north coast of Staynes. It was for two centuries the capital of the pre-union Kingdom of Staynes, loosing such status in 1517 where it was transferred to Redrugus. It is a crucial trading outpost in the Morstaybishlian Sea and Packilvanian Ocean.

Fort Staynes was granted city status in 1168. It's cathedral was built in the 12th century and was for a time the largest cathedral in Aurora. Fort Staynes has a population of 1.89 million people.

The biggest manufacturer of electronics in the world, Primrose Inc., originates from Fort Staynes in Great Morstaybishlia. Founded in 1985 by Eyđmar Grountmont and Nikklas Vermont, it is the world's largest information technology company by revenue, the world's largest technology company by total assets and the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer by volume. In August 2016, Primrose became the first Morstaybishlian company to be valued at over ♅600 billion.

For a brief stint, Fort Staynes became the capital of the Kingdom of Morstaybishlia during the reign of Lambertus V, but was moved back to Redrugus after his death.