Expo '65

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1965 Greenwood
Official Expo '65 Logo
BIE-classUnrecognized exposition
NameExpo '65
MottoWe Are One
Area404 hectares (1,000 acres)
Organized byYozoro Mikazuki
VenueGreenwood Central Park
Coordinates30°0′0″S 100°0′0″W / 30.00000°S 100.00000°W / -30.00000; -100.00000
OpeningMay 30, 1965 (1965-05-30)
ClosureNovember 28, 1965 (1965-11-28)
Unrecognized expositions
PreviousExpo '60 in South Peragen
NextExpo '70 in South Hills Council of Governments

The 1965 International and Universal Exposition or Expo '65, as it was commonly known, was a general exhibition, World's Fair held in Greenwood, Nagato, from May 30 to November 28, 1965. It is considered to be the most successful World's Fair of the 20th century with the most attendees to that date and 62 nations participating. It also set the single-day attendance record for a world's fair, with 452,500 visitors on its third day.

Expo '65 was Nagato's main celebration during its 20th anniversary of establishment. The project was not well supported in Nagato at first. It took the determination of Nagato's Prime Minster, Sena Kashiwazaki, and a new team of managers to guide it past political, physical, and temporal hurdles. Defying a computer analysis that said it could not be done, the fair opened on time.

After Expo '65 ended in November 1965, most of the pavilions continued as a museum called Creatures of Urth, opened in 1966. Today, Greenwood Central Park is used for sport events, recreational use, and parties. The museum sees over 500,000 people each year, many of which who come from other countries.