South Hills Council of Governments

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This page or section is not canon and should not be considered part of current TEP Evolved RP.

See South Hills for canon instead.

South Hills Council of Governments
Motto:Semper Paratus
Always Ready
Anthem: Over the Hills and Far Away
Area 4,961,850 km2
% Water
Population 242,114,231 (2010 EST - Tano not included)
Density 40.7/km22 (Tano not included)
Capital Elizabeth Federal District
Type Federated Confederacy
President Minerva Todd
Legislature South Hills Legislative Assembly
•  Upper House
•  Lower House
Official Languages English
Currency South Hills Dollar ($) (SHD)
Economic Structure Free Enterprise/Market Capitalism
GDP (2013) 13 Trillion
•  Per capita
Unemployment 3.5%
Gini 41.4
Life expectancy 69.2 years
Improved water access 99%
Literacy 99.7%
Enrollment 88%
•  Primary
99.9% (compulsory)
•  Secondary
94% (compulsory into 16 y/o)
•  Tertiary
PDAS rating A-
Measures Imperial
Date format month-day-year
Traffic Right-hand
ISO code SH
TLD .sh
Calling code +412


South Hills has a population of 250 Million (2013 Est.), falling into the following categories;


  • Duquesne (original member)
  • Vernon (original member)
  • Elizabeth (original member)
  • McKeesport (original member)
  • Buena Vista (original member)
  • Boston (original member)
  • Mifflin (original member)
  • West Mifflin (joined 1761)
  • Ellis Islands (Est. territory 1760, became state 1801)
  • Rostraver (Joined as state, 1831)
  • New Croatia (Joined as a state, 1973)
  • Greater Tano(Est. territory 2012, became state 2017)


  • Federal District of Elizabeth (capital, est. 1760)
  • District 58 (Prussian District 58 conflict of 2013, administered jointly with Bachtendekuppen)
  • Tano States (Formally becomes a state 1/1/2017)
  • Croatia Island
  • Foster's Island
  • Fisher Island
  • Ford Island
  • Various other small island chains.


Founding (1640-1760)

The collequal association of states now known as South Hills resided in the Grace mountain range, south of where many of the settlers in the Gulf of Itur region came from (Thus the name, South Hills). While settlers came from many nations, none asserted enough dominance to control the entire mountain range. This led to the eventual establishment of 8 original nation-states, who through several generations of shared culture became closer. By 1740, a proposal for union had become popular. A loosely based Articles of Confederation, which formed the basis of the government (and the flag still used today), was signed in 1760, which left the majority of power with the member states.

Federal expansion and civil war (1761-1830)

Right from the start of the Confederation, the coined 'federal' government began expanding its power. This reached a heat in 1821, when the Federal government gave itself the right to tax incoming shipping. 3 of the 10 states, Duquesne, Vernon, and Myiam, formed a coalition against the federalist government and associated states. In a drawn out 6 year war that to this day remains the bloodiest in the nations history, the Federal government won triumphant, and was freely able to expand federal power.

Industrialization & Federalization (1831-1955)

With the majority of the anti-federalist movement crumbling, the Federal government vastly expanded its power over the next 100 years as the nation industrialized rapidly. By the 1890's, South Hills was Urth's largest industrial power, and largely followed 'big stick' diplomacy throughout the early 1900's.

Modernization and Militarization. (1955-2009)

The 1950's saw the biggest economic boom in the countries history, but the real story became the countries rapid militarization following the perceived threat of Pax Draconia. The nation entered into many agreements with other nations, including the 1973 annexation of New Croatia, and majorly the port city of Usport.

Player on the World Stage (2010-Present)

The new decade saw South Hills as a major player on the world stage, intervening in conflicts in Dveria twice, as well as Durbia, Qumar, and a conflict against Prussia in the 2013 District 58 crisis. South Hills signed the Kerilo Accord along with Vekaiyu, British Grand Pacific, Laitan, and Southern Yugoslavia in 2014, representing the largest military alliance on Urth.


South Hills is a constitutional federalist republic, with 12 states and multiple territories.

It involves a checks-and-balances system between the three branches of government; the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.


The Executive branch of government is controlled by the President, currently Robert.

It is in control of enforcing laws, foreign policy, and the civilian President is the head of the South Hills Military


The Legislative branch is headed by the Speaker of the House, currently Jim Taylor (N)

The legislative branch is responsible for making laws, the budget, taxes, ect.


The Judicial branch is headed by the Supreme Court of South Hills, and consists of both State and Federal courts within South Hills.


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