Western Auroran Crusades

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Western Auroran Crusades
Date1523 - 1575

Morstaybishlian annexation

  • Morstaybishlian control over Kormistazm
  • Major Devastation of all Kormistazic strongholds
  • Destabilisation of Kormistazic Empire
Morstaybishlian Empire Kormistazic Empire
Commanders and leaders
Slev III  
Lambertus IV
Redrugus IX
Lambertus V
Holonuras Faithful  
Kakaril Kalamitas  
Temorus Djilin  
Casualties and losses
18,400 261,000

The Western Auroran Crusades, often taught in schools as the West Morstaybishlian Wars was a series of wars from the beginning of Slev III's reign and ending at the later stages of Redrugus IX's reign initiated by the newly formed Morstaybishlian Empire against the Kormistazic Empire.


First Crusade

In 1522, merchants from Montakaan discovered the largest Auroran gold stockpile, located on the Jaan river, which lied over the border between the Morstaybishlian Empire and the Kormistazmic Empire.

Second Crusade

Third Crusade

Morstaybishlian Invasion of Fort Noct 1543