Axdel Armed Forces

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Axdel Armed Forces
AAF insignia.png
Emblem of the AAF
Founded1845 (Korstazian Defence Force)
1923 (Norograd Armed Forces)
1996 (
Axdel Armed Forces)
Service branchesFile:AXD ARMY.pngAxdelian Army
File:AXD NAVY.pngAxdelian Navy
File:AXD AIR.pngAxdelian Air Force
HeadquartersVirtus Complex, Montakaan Citadel
Commander-in-ChiefDiego Corbinn
Chief of DefenceEsai Koloa
Military age16 for training,
18 for deployment
Active personnel374,586
Reserve personnel267,092
Percent of GDP2%
Domestic suppliersSentinel-ARMS
National Ballistics Systems
Foreign suppliers Great Morstaybishlia
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The Axdel Armed Forces serves as the military of Axdel, tasked with defence of the country, global peacekeeping, humanitarian aid, and to promote the wider interests of the nation. It is a highly capable force with modern, sophisticated equipment, renown standards of training and a flexible yet powerful combat doctrine.

Thought the political landscape has changed significantly in recent history, the AAF can be traced back to the early 19th century when soldiers returning from the first Posolic war were organised into the the Korstazian Regional Defence Force, the formation of which heralded the devolution of the region as a principality of the Morstaybishlian Empire. In 1969, the KRDF supported a Noroist coup led by Winston Ulysses which took control of the region, sparking the Auroran Imperial War. The KRDF was reorganised as the Norogradian Armed Forces and proved itself as a highly capable force fighting alongside other Ribenstadt pact states, and was key in guaranteeing the independence of Norograd. Since the Formation of Axdel in 1996, the armed forces have adopted an active and cooperative stance on the global theatre with Axdel as a founding member of the IRSA and supporting their peacekeeping efforts.

The AAF is considered to be one of Urth's largest and most powerful militaries, with a defence budget of ♅82.5 billion kiribs accounting for 2% of the nations nominal GDP, the ability to project power across much of the globe, a robust intelligence and counterintelligence service supported by the SIA, and a recent history of largely successful military operations.


Present day


From 1999-2018, the military budget has averaged at approximately 10% of annual government expenditure, before peaking at 15% in 2017 during the Auroran-Pacific War. Since then, spending has reduced to 8% after a cut intended to divert funding towards infrastructure development and social programs, with the 2021 budget announced at 82.4 Billion Kiribs. Funding is divided between branches based on their needs at the beginning of each fiscal year and may be amended quarterly with changing circumstances.

A large fraction of the military budget from each branch is put towards research and development


An Axdelian Army soldier during a training exercise
The Axdelian Army is the principle land warfare force of the Axdel Armed Forces. The force is primarily tasked with the defence of the nation, though it is well capable of overseas deployment and is an able invasion force through the amphibious arm of the navy.


The Axdelian Navy is the principle sea warfare force of the Axdel Armed Forces. It is divided into three fleets, the surface fleet, the sub-surface fleet, and the logistics fleet. The surface fleet is comprised of surface vessels of the navy, whereas the sub-surface fleet is comprised of the submarines, and the logistics fleet comprised of the axillary support and replenishment ships. The naval air arm is headed by two Kalamitas-Class aircraft carriers carrying 52 aircraft each, primarily the A-105 raven fighter

Air Force

The Axdel Air force is the principle aerial warfare force of the Axdel Armed Forces. It deploys a diverse range of attack aircraft for combatting enemy aircraft and ground forces. The air force makes ubiquitous use of UCAV's in combat for long-range ground attack missions and reconnaissance, and has very well developed stealth technology for its fighter aircraft.

Current Equipment

Small Arms

Small Arms
Type Name Cartridge In service Notes Image
Sidearm Alkurmeda AP-1 9x19mm 1997 Standard issue sidearm
Formerly imported from Ethalria, now license built
Alkurmeda AP-1.jpg
Assault rifle Sentinel St20 gen3 5.56×45mm 2011 Standard issue assault rifle
(pictured with under-barrel grenade launcher)
DMR ARMS DMR-3 7.62×51mm 2016 Standard issue DMR. Comes equipped with an ACOG sight as standard DMR-3.jpg
GPMG MG504 7.62×51mm 2004 A very versatile, modular weapon.
Imported from []
HK MG5.jpg
Sniper Rifle Sentinel AX338 .338 2011 - AI AX 338.jpg
Anti-Materiel Rifle ARMS IWS 2000 15.2×169mm 1981 Utilises APFSDS rounds.
Poweful armour-piercing capabilities
Sentinel AS50 .50 BMG 2006 Used alongside the IWS Accuracy-International-AS50-Sniper-Rifle.jpg
Shotgun NBS Gellas S4 12-guage 1998 Standard issue combat shotgun for CQC BenelliM4.jpg
SC-SG AA-12 12-guage 2006 Automatic combat shotgun imported from the UK AA-12.png
PDR Jagpul PDR 5.56×45mm 2010 Imported from a South Hills private company Magpul.jpg
Portable Anti-Material Weapon National Ballistic Systems ATLAW 150mm 2007 Fire and forget anti-tank missile launcher MBT LAW.jpg
127mm 2000 Fire and forget top-strike anti-tank missile launcher [[Image:|200x200px]]
NATADORK 90mm 2003 Imported anti-tank and anti-structure recoilless rifle MATADOR Stand.jpg
Anti-Air Weapon Halberd 130mm 1996 Laser guided MANPADS
Can be vehicle mounted or launched from a portable emplacement
Grenade Launcher Ferrus KRKK 40x53mm 2004 Grenade launcher machine gun imported from the UK KRKK.jpg

Crewed Ground Platforms

Crewed Ground Platforms
Type Name Entered Service Armament Notes Image
Main Battle Tanks Aethoo 2021 130mm ETC smoothbore Next-generation tanks slowly entering into service.

Set to fully replace the Taurus 3 by the late 2030's

Taurus 3 2007 120mm smoothbore Primary Main Battle tank of Axdel
A revised and upgraded version of the Taurus 2
Taurus 2-7.jpg
Armoured Fighting Vehicles Scout GPTV 2012 40mm Autocannon
coaxial 12.7mm RWS
A modular AFV with variants serving many roles,
incluing IFV, ATGM launcher, command and control,
engineering, and reconnaissance
Scout GPTV.jpeg
Gun Carrier Kareqa II GC 2016 120mm smoothbore Modular wheeled Gun Carrier
based on the Kareqa II chassis
Vareoth TD 2.jpg
Self Propelled Howitzers Kareqa II SPH 2016 155mm smoothbore Modular self propelled howitzer
based on the Kareqa II chassis
Vareoth SPH 2.jpg
Mortar Carrier Kareqa HMC 2005 120mm Mortar Heavy mortar carrier
based on the Kareqa chassis
Italian Army - 82nd Infantry Regiment "Torino" VBM Freccia Mortar Carrier.jpg
Self Propelled Anti-Air David Kite-2 2017 Kite-2 1-45km range missiles Anti-air missile launcher equipped with Kite-2 missiles Ceptor.jpg
Counter-Battery radar Cobra 2007 N/A Projectile tracking radar for counter-battery operations Cobra radar.jpg

Naval Vessels

Naval Vessels
Type Class Displacement Entered Service No. Deployed Notes Image
Aircraft Carriers Kalamitas-class 70,600 tonnes 2012 2 ANV ZIGGURAT.jpg
Amphibious Helicopter Assault Fortress-class 14,500 tonnes 2004 4 DDH-183 いずも (1).jpg
Destroyers Barque-class 8,000 tonnes 2006 10 ANV WASTER.jpg
Frigates Falcon-class 6,900 tonnes 2010 11 ANVSLEDGEHAMMER.jpg
Legion-class 4,000 tonnes 2014 15 Superior-class.jpg
Mine Countermeasures Diavewa-class 600 tonnes 1987 20 Diavewa.jpg
Patrol Boats Arkalo-class 274 tonnes 1998 24 P965 KNM Gnist.jpg
Attack submarines Proton-class 7,000 tonnes (surface)
7400 tonnes (submerged)
2004 6 Proton.jpg
Havdjevel-class 2900 tonnes (Surfaced) 2007 11 Imported from Norgsveldet JMSDF Sōryū class submarines-02.png
Strategic Submarines Quark-class 17,200 tonnes (submerged) 2016 2 ANVQUARK.jpg
Dock Landing Ships Globe-class 16,160 tonnes 1994 4 Globe-Class.jpg
Landing Craft Landing Craft Utility 240 tonnes 1997 23 LCU Lander.jpg
Replenishment ships Knight-class 37,000 tonne 2014 6 Wave tanker.jpg
Cardinal-class 24,000 tonne 2014 4 Solid ship.jpg
Roll on/roll off transports Headland-class 23,000 tonne 2000 8 Point class.jpg

See Also: List of Axdelian Naval Vessels

Aerial Vehicles

Aerial Vehicles
Type Name Entered service Armament Notes Image
Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles Sentinel HK2 Buzzard 2012 6 hardpoints with a maximum payload of 3000kg Remotely operated aerial hunter-killer Mantis drone.jpg
NBS SV Taranis 2009 Internal bay with 2 hardpoints medium-range multirole Taranis.jpg
ARMS SVH Albatross 2009 2 missile launchers VTOL light reconnaissance and assault Helidrone.jpg
Aerial Reconnaissance NBS SV2 Owl ~2010's n/a Long-range high-altitude reconnaissance drone Recon drone.jpg
Fighter Aircraft A-104 Cornix (A-23 Arrow) 2009 Internal bays with 8 hardpoints
4 optional underwing hardpoints
20mm revolving gun
Air superiority fighter imported from Emberwood Coast A-23.jpg
ARMS A-105 Raven 2013 Internal bays with 4 hardpoints
4 heavy-duty underwing hardpoints
25mm revolving gun
Axdelian Multi-Role VTOL fighter Raven Fighter.png
Sentinel A-205 Rook 2015 Flexible Payload System (FPS)
6 underwing hardpoints
27mm revolving gun
Jointly developed Axdel-MBE ground attack fighter Tempestjet.jpeg
Strategic Bombers S-3 Vulture 2008 2 Internal bays with a maximum payload of 20000kg Jointly developed stealth bomber B-101 bomber.jpg
Attack Helicopters H-11 Universal Gunship 1998 20mm rotary gun
4 heavy-duty hardpoints
Imported attack helicopter H-11 Gunship.png
Utility Helicopters Eastland Coyote S 2012 Multiple Torpedoes, Depth charges, or anti-ship missiles
2 mounted MG504 machine guns
Naval Multirole Helicopter serving a number of combat and logistical roles Panther ASW.jpg
Eastland Cleric 1995 Multiple Torpedoes and Depth charges Naval transport and Anti-submarine warfare helicopter Italy - Navy EHI EH-101 (cropped).jpg
Transports Airtram B400m 2006 n/a Imported military transport turboprop A400M.jpeg
Aerial Refuellers Voyager 330RE 2004 n/a Imported and converted Airliner 330r.jpg
AEW&C Voyager 737AR 2001 MESA radar Imported and heavily modified Airliner 공중조기경보통제기 (7445565660).jpg

Historic Equipment

A list of historic equipment fielded by both the Axdelian and Norogradian armed forces.

Small Arms

Small Arms
Type Name Cartridge In Service From Notes Image
Assault rifle Ferrus Industries/National Ballistics SC-AR3 7.62×51mm 1957-2001 Originally designed by Ferrus Industries, and produced by the National Ballistics for the Norogradian Army after their secession from the MBE.

Still occasionally used by reserve forces though not officially active.

Crewed Ground Platforms

Crewed Ground Platforms
Type Name In Service From Armament Info Image
Main Battle Tanks Taurus 1A 1970-1987 105mm rifled Used in large numbers during the AIW Norograd tank.jpg
Taurus 1A-12 1971-1987 120mm smoothbore Upgraded version fitting a 120mm Smoothbore gun Taurus-1 heavy.jpg
Taurus 1B 1973-1991 105mm rifled Upgraded version of the Taurus 1 with improved armour and electronic targeting systems
Used in large numbers during the late AIW
Norograd tank 2.JPG
Armoured Fighting Vehicles (name) (service dates) (armament) (notes) File:(temp)

Naval Vessels

Naval Vessels
Type Class Displacement In Service From No. Constructed Image
Aircraft Carriers (name) (displacement) (service dates) # File:(temp)
Destroyers (name) (displacement) (service dates) # File:(temp)
Frigates (name) (displacement) (service dates) # File:(temp)
Mine Countermeasures (name) (displacement) (service dates) # File:(temp)
Patrol Boats Arkalo-class (displacement) (service dates) # File:(temp)
Attack submarines (name) (displacement) (service dates) # File:(temp)
Strategic Submarines (name) (displacement) (service dates) # File:(temp)
Dock Landing Ships (name) (displacement) (service dates) # File:(temp)
Landing Craft (name) (displacement) (service dates) # File:(temp)
Replenishment ships (name) (displacement) (service dates) # File:(temp)
Roll on/roll off transports (name) (displacement) (service dates) # File:(temp)

Aerial Vehicles

Aerial Vehicles
Type Name In Service From Armament Info Image
Fighter aircraft N-101 Arkhalis 1970-1989 2-4 hardpoints Norogradian interceptor fighter Arkhalis 1.jpg
N-112 Morsteg 1970-2003 2x 30mm cannons
5 hardpoints
Captured and later reverse engineered Morstaybishlian attack aircraft Morsteg Attack.jpeg
N-204 Crow 1986-2010 1x mm cannons
Internal bay with 2 bomb and 4 missile hardpoints capable of carrying a maximum of 2200kg
Carrier-capable stealth attack aircraft

First stealth craft ever deployed
Replaced by the A-115 Raven as part of the CAST program

Stealthy lad.png
N-102 Farside 1985-2014 1x 30mm cannons
10 hardpoints
Air superiority aircraft licence built from East Cerdani
Replaced by the A-22 Arrow
Strategic Bombers S-1 Broadweaver 1970-2009 Internal bay and 4 underwing hardpoints
capable of carrying a maximum 4500kg (S-1A/C) or 7000kg (S-1B) of bombs and missiles
Norogradian supersonic bomber and reconnaissance jet Broadweaver.jpg
Transport (name) (service Dates) none (notes) File:(temp)
Aerial refuellers CAW KC-211 1987-2006 Imported from East Cerdani File:CAWKC11.jpg