Axdelian Armed Forces

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Axdel Armed Forces
Emblem of the AAF
Founded1814 (Axdelian Defence Force)
1967 (Axdelian Armed Forces")
Service branchesAxdelian Army
Axdelian Navy
Axdelian Air Force
Commander-in-ChiefDiego Corbinn
Chief of DefenceEsai Koloa
Military age16 for training,
18 for deployment
Active personnel374,586
Reserve personnel267,092
Percent of GDP2%
Domestic suppliersSentinel-ARMS
National Ballistics Systems
Foreign suppliers Great Morstaybishlia
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The Axdelian Armed Forces serves as the military of Axdel, tasked with defence of the country, global peacekeeping, humanitarian aid, and to promote the wider interests of the nation. It is a highly capable force with modern, sophisticated equipment, renown standards of training and a flexible yet powerful combat doctrine.

Thought the political landscape has changed significantly in recent history, the AAF can be traced back to the early 19th century when Great Morstaybishlia allowed the newly formed principality of Axdel its own independent military detachment, the Axdelian Defence Force. When Axdel transitioned into becoming a Dominion in 1917, the ADF expanded and was put under the responsibility of the new Axdelian parliament. In 1966, the ADF backed the Noroist coup led by Winston Ulysses which took control of the region, gaining independent but remaining broadly unrecognised as a state. After being reorganised into the Axdelian armed forces, it proved itself as a highly capable force fighting as part of the Ribenstadt pact in the Auroran Imperial War, leading a campaign of total war against Morstaybishlia and their allies. Post-AIW, the AAF played a key role in overthrowing the apartheid government of North Lyrevale during the Lyrevale Continuation War. During the Axdelian Civil War, the AAF was fractured between loyalty to Admiral Huralo Yensi and the legislature, but eventually succeeded in forcing him to renounce his leadership and usher in democratic reforms that lead to the end of the war. Since 1996 The armed forces have since adopted an active and cooperative stance on the global theatre with Axdel as a founding member of the IRSA and supporting their peacekeeping efforts.

The AAF is considered to be one of Urth's largest and most capable militaries, with a defence budget of ♅82.5 billion Kiribs accounting for 2% of the nations nominal GDP, the ability to project power across much of the globe, a robust intelligence and counterintelligence service supported by the GSSI, and a recent history of largely successful military and humanitarian operations.


Present day


From 1999-2018, the military budget has averaged at approximately 10% of annual government expenditure, before peaking at over 20% in 2017 during the Auroran-Cerenerian War. Since then, spending has reduced to 8% after a cut intended to divert funding towards humanitarian aid, rebuilding, infrastructure development and social programs, with the 2021 budget announced at 82.4 Billion Kiribs. Funding is divided between branches based on their needs at the beginning of each fiscal year and may be amended quarterly with changing circumstances.

A large fraction of the military budget from each branch is put towards research and development, often supporting independent domestic development companies and manufacturers such as Sentinel-ARMS and National Ballistics Systems.


Axdelian Army

Axdelian Aerospace Force

Axdelian Navy

Current Equipment

St203 Assault Rifle
NBS Qkhomu DMR
NBS Awv-MG2 Light Machine Gun
NBS Gellas 4

Small Arms

Name Origin Type Cartridge Introduced Notes
Alkurmeda AP-1 Ethalria Pistol 9x19mm 1997 Standard issue sidearm. Formerly imported from Ethalria, now sourced from Faethalria
Ferrus SC-P12 Great Morstaybishlia Pistol 9x19mm 1981 Used only by military police
Submachine Gun
SB15S5 Southern Coast Submachine Gun 9x19mm 1982 Used only by special forces, combat swimmers and military police
Jagpul PDW South Hills Personal Defence Weapon 5.56×45mm 2010
Assault rifle
Sentinel St203 Axdel Assault Rifle 5.56×45mm 2011 Standard issue assault rifle with a bullpup configuration.
Sentinel StL3 Axdel Carbine 5.56×45mm 2014 Bullpup carbine based on the St203, with a shortened barrel and built in foregrip.
NBS Qkhomu H1 Axdel Assault Rifle 7.62x51mm 2017 Higher stopping power rifle used by Army and Special Forces units
Ferrus SC-AR4 Great Morstaybishlia Assault Rifle / Battle Rifle 7.62x51mm 1957 Originally procured by the Axdelian Defence Force before being locally manufactured after independence. Presently used for training and as a reserve rifle.
Sniper and Anti-Materiel rifles
NBS Qkhomu DMR Axdel Designated Marksman Rifle 7.62x51mm 2017
Sniper Rifle 12.7×99mm
Anti-Materiel Rifle 12.7×99mm 2009
Azukhe RaM-60 Axdel Anti-Materiel Rifle 15.2×169mm 1985 Formerly standard issue smoothbore anti-materiel rifle utilising a small calibre, high velocity APFSDS round. Presently used by special forces units, with limited use elsewhere
Machine Gun
NBS Awv-MG2 Axdel Light Machine Gun 5.56×45mm 2022
MG 504 General Purpose Machine Gun 7.62x51mm
Heavy Machine Gun 12.7×99mm
NBS Gelas 4 Axdel Shotgun 12-Guage
SC-SG AA-12 Great Morstaybishlia Automatic Shotgun 12-Guage
Grenades and Grenade Launchers
Fragmentation Grenade
NBS G540 Axdel Underslung grenade Launcher 40x46mm 2011 Standard issue attatchable grenade launcher introduced to compliment the St203 assault rifle
Rotary Grenade Launcher 40x46mm
Ferrus KRKK Grenade Launncher Machine Gun 40×53mm 2003
Portable Anti-Materiel weapons
NBS Talon MMP Axdel Anti-Tank Guided Missile 140mm 2020 Man-portable or vehicle mounted ATGM system featuring fire and forget, direct command and third party designation targeting modes, allowing a great deal of flexibility. Replaced the imported Ballista ATGM
Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher
Recoilless gun 90mm
NBS Halberd HV Axdel Surface-to-Air Missile 3x 22mm darts Man portable version of the Halberd missile also mounted on the Nakuu SAM vehicle. Features xtreme acceleration and three beamriding submunitions to maximise the chance of successful hits
NBS Swordspear Axdel Multirole Missile 76mm Evolution of the Halberd MANPAD system, using the same launcher but with differing guidance and payload capable of engaging a wider range of targets
Aethoo 1A MBT
CAP-80 Lômeqkhyaa MBT
Kareqa 2 GC
Kareqa MPS

Crewed Ground Platforms

Name Origin Type Introduced In
Aethoo 1A Axdel Main Battle Tank 2021 184 300 total on order to be delivered by 2027. Set to eventually replace the CAP-80 Lômeqkhyaa by the mid 2030's
CAP-80 Lômeqkhyaa Volscina / Axdel Main Battle Tank 2007 The CAP-80 Lômeqkhyaa (cavalryman) is a modified license built version of the Volscine CAP-80-V4. Major modifications include a domestically sourced 120mm smoothbore cannon from NBS, domestically sourced composite armour, an overhauled communications suite and improved interior ergonomics.
Khaurus KM Axdel Assault Gun / Light tank 1967 Produced from 1994, the modernised Khaurus KM variant is optimised to function primarily as an infantry support vehicle, taking advantage of the MBT's relative light weight, manoeuvrability and firepower. Is set to eventually be replaced by Kareqa 2 CG's, but has had its service life extended to at least 2030 due to losses during the ACW.
Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Armoured Personnel Carriers and Reconnaissance
Kareqa 2 CG Axdel Wheeled AFV / Tank Destroyer / Light Tank 2016 [] 120mm anti-tank / infantry support gun carrier based on a modernised Kareqa IFVA chassis
Nakuu MVA Axdel IFV / ATGM launcher / C3 / Reconnaissance 2012 [] IFV variant of the Nakuu tracked chassis, with specialised variants for command and control, ATGM carrying, and reconnaissance
Kareqa IFVA Axdel APC / IFV 2000 [] APC variant of the Kareqa GC 8x8 Chassis with a 25mm autocannon. Set to be upgraded based on developments from the Kareqa 2, featuring an upgraded powertrain, an active protection system, an unmanned turret with a 30mm cannon and side mounted ATGM launcher, and an upgraded electronics suite sometime before 2030.
Artillery and Air Defence
AT50 Southern Coast Towed Howitzer 1990 Being phased out in exchange for an additional order of surplus AM20's
AM20 Southern Coast Self-Propelled Howitzer 2001 []
Kareqa MPS Axdel Self-Propelled Mortar []
Larezhqu MRLS Rocket Artillery []
Surface-to-Air Missile System []
Nakuu SAM Axdel Surface-to-Air Missile System Nakuu chassis mounting a halberd HV SAM system
Combat Engineering and Recovery
CAP-80 VEC []
Radar and Electronic warfare
VRS Snipe Counter-Battery Radar []
Electronic Warfare []
Q-106B Raven
Q-107 Grackle
Q-104ES Rook
S-4 Vulture
S-2S Magpie

Aerial Vehicles

Name Origin Type Introduced In
Combat Aircraft
Q-106B/C Raven Emberwood Coast / Axdel Stealth Air Superiority 2009 81 Axdelian version of the A-23 originally ordered directly from Emberwood Coast, with later variants partially license built. C variant possesses improved avionics and the Situational Awareness and Targeting Augmented Reality Helmet found on the Q-107
Q-107A/B Grackle Axdel Stealth Multirole 2013 317 Primary ground attack and carrier aircraft.
Q-104ES/EQS Rook [] / Axdel Strike Fighter 2010 119 Multirole strike fighter erived from the 1983 Q-104 air superiority fighter. An extensive redesign utilising modern materials, engines and a new airframe design. Produced alongside the EQS carrier variant, of which 20 have been built
Q-103SE Super Swift Axdel Multirole 1992 52 Modernised design derived from the AIW era Q-103. Of the original 500 Q-103S Super Swifts, 52 aircraft modernised in 2010 to Q-103SE standard are set to remain in service until 2026, to be replaced by additional Q-107A's
S-4 Vulture Axdel Stealth Strategic Bomber 2000 22
S-2S Magpie [] / Axdel Strategic Bomber 2008 60 Extensive modernisation of the AIW-era license built S-2 originally designed in 1959, with new engines, avionics, and the introduction of in-flight refuelling capability to extend range
Allegiance A850AR South Hills AEW&C / command and control node intro date []
name origin type intro date []
Voyager 330RE [] Aerial refuelling / command and control node / transport 2007 []
S-2SRE Magpie Replenisher Axdel Aerial refuelling 2010


Aerial refuelling variant of the S-2S
Airtram B400m [] Tactical / Strategic Airlifter intro date []
(name) [] Strategic Airlifter intro date [] (must be capable of transporting an MBT)
Sentinel RH1 Gryphon Norgsveldet / Axdel Attack Helicopter 2002 78 Norgsveltian ILD-78 Raven attack helicopter license built by Sentinel. Since upgraded with the Genglo rotor hub mounted radar for cover peeking ability
Utility / ASW Naval Utility and ASW helicopter
HK-2 Buzzard Axdel ISTAR / UCAV 2011 [] High altitude reconnaissance and hunter killer
LKH Albatross [] Reconnaissance / Patrol 2013 [] Light rotorcraft
SV-2 Eagle Owl Axdel Reconnaissance ~2010 ~15 Classified reconnaissance drone. Acknowledged to exist by the Axdelian Government in 2019 but very little information is public

Naval Vessels

Submarine Fleet

Class Image Origin Type Introduced In
Displacement Notes
Attack Submarine
Havdjevel Class Norgsveldet Diesel-Electric Attack Submarine 2007 14 2900 tonnes
Neutron Class Axdel Nuclear Attack Submarine 2004 6 7000 tonnes

Surface Fleet

Class Image Origin Type Introduced In
Displacement Notes
Aircraft Carrier
Khalanitas Class Axdel Aircraft Carrier 2012 2 65000 tonnes Carries an air wing of up to 40 Q-107B's and Q-104EQS fighters, as well as [] and [] helicopters
Major Surface Combatants
Añuur Class Axdel Heavy Guided Missile Destroyer 2021 3 12500 tonnes Large multi-mission platform designed to compliment the barque class and its eventual replacement. originally conceived before the ACW but incorporating new requirements based on experience from the conflict. Considered a guided missile cruiser by some definitions due to its size and flag facilities. 6 ships total on order.
Barque Class Axdel Air-Defence Destroyer 2006 10 8000 tonnes Two of the original twelve were sunk in the ACW
Multirole Frigate 2009 4000 tonnes
Anti-Submarine Warfare / Multirole Frigate 2013 2500 tonnes
Amphibious Warfare Ships
Fortress Class Axdel Amphibious Assault / Helicopter Carrier 2004 5 14000 tonnes 4 built from 2004-2010, with 1 more commissioned in 2020. Carries an air wing of up to 15 helicopters, including RH1 Gryphon attack helicopters, alongside [] and [] ASW/utility helicopters
[] tonnes
Mine Countermeasures
[] tonnes

Auxiliary Vessels

Class Image Origin Type Introduced In
Displacement Notes
Replenishment Ship
[] tonnes
Landing Craft
[] tonnes
Intelligence, Research and Experimentation
[] tonnes
Salvage and Rescue
[] tonnes
[] tonnes

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Historic Equipment