Aethoo (Tank)

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Aethoo MBT
A Prototype Aethoo in late 2017
TypeMain battle tank
Place of originAxdel
Service history
In service1A: 2021-present
Used by Axdel
Production history
DesignerNational Ballistics
ManufacturerNational Ballistics
Produced1A: 2021-present
Number built1A: 15, 150 planned
Weightmk1: 68 metric tons
Length1A: 11.5 m
Width4 m
Height2.25 m (3 m including RWS)
Crew3 (commander, gunner, and driver)

Armor'Bex 2' classified Composite armour
with NERA and ERA components
and the 'Enul' combination soft-kill/hard-kill active protection system
1A: ARMS L/51 autoloaded 130mm smoothbore ETC gun (40 rounds)
12.7 mm RWS machine gun
7.62mm Coaxial machine gun
Engine12-cylinder Twin-Turbo Hybrid Diesel
1600 hp (1200 kW)
Power/weight1A: 23.5 hp/ton
TransmissionAlleni HDG X-1600-30 Hybrid drive
SuspensionAll-arm terrain-adaptive hydropneumatic suspension
525 km (road)
Speed75 km/h (road)
52 km/h (cross country)
The Aethoo is a next-generation Axdelian main battle tank jointly designed and built by National Ballistics and ARMS (now known as Sentinel-ARMS). It was built to be the successor of the Taurus 2 and 3 tanks, as part of a 2010 defence mandate for a platform to mount the new 130mm ETC gun by ARMS, and was expected to enter service from 2024 onwards. However, the outbreak of the Auroran-Pacific War led to the project being given a higher priority, with the initial date being 2020, though later being pushed back to 2021 due to development problems. Production began in late 2020, with the first 15 tanks entering service in the Axdel Armed Forces in February 2021.

A number of technical faults with the engine and thermal imaging equipment during combat trials have been reported which have led to delays in production whilst the issues are resolved. Despite this, the Axdel armed forces have negotiated the terms of an additional long-term order which would see the replacement of the Taurus 3 by the end of the 2030's