2023 Cappedorite coup d'état

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2023 Cappedorite coup d'état
Part of the Homradska
Date14 May - 15 May 2023

Successful Wealdenite takeover of the Cappedorite government

Commanders and leaders
Maya Murray Cathryn Gargano

On 13 May 2023, mass defections and walk-outs occurred in the Cappedore Social Democratic Party, with 276 CSDP Gemotern members leaving the party and resigning their posts, making the People’s Reform Party the biggest party in the Gemotern. Some moved to the PRP and other opposition parties and called for both Maya Murray and Austin Merrill to resign their posts.

That same evening, Murray confirmed she would be resigning as Chancellor of Cappedore and encouraged Merrill to do the same. In the early hours of 15 May 2023, Vice President Cleveland Durand defected to the PRP. Later that day, he was removed from office by Merrill.


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On 8 May 2023, 7 people and several others were injured in Vernalis after Cappedorite Armed Forces opened fire into a rapidly advancing crowd. This angered the populace, and demonstrations in Absolution later turned into riots. A few days later, on 13 May, without any comment from Murray or Merrill on the occurances in Vernalis, many members of the CSDP either defected to opposition parties, left the CSDP, or resigned their posts altogether. A notable walk-out was former secretary of national affairs, Colby Rhodes, who resigned from the cabinet and defected to the People's Reform Party, calling for Austin Merrill's resignation.


15 April 2023

A mass gathering of anti-government protestors convened outside of the Oracle, the main hub of operations of the Cappedorite United Assembly, demanding that Chancellor Maya Murray and President Austin Merrill resign immediately and submit a repeal of the concordat of Cappedore, in favour of Cathryn Gargano's Provisional Wealdenite Concordat.

13 - 14 May 2023

Secretary of National Affairs, Colby Rhodes, announced his immediate resignation from the government and his intentions to join the People's Reform Party, stating that he had lost confidence in Maya Murray's government and the integrity of the Welfare Coalition. 16 other members of the government followed suit, including the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, the Defense Secretary, and the Finance Secretary. Throughout the night and throughout 14 May 2023, 250 CSDP Gemotern members would defect from the party, either to independent posts or to other opposition parties. At midday that day, an emergency convention of the Gemotern was called, and a vote of no confidence was submitted by Gargano. The vote passed with a huge landslide, forcing Murray to resign and placing Gargano as acting Chancellor. There have been no plans for an election and Gargano has stated that she is waiting for the president to resign.

15 May 2023

Vice President Cleveland Durand defected to the People's Reform Party; subsequently, he was removed from office by Austin Merrill shortly after.

Another emergency convention was called to the Gemotern. Gargano used constitutional powers to dissolve the Federal Council, and presented the Provisional Wealdenite Concordat to the rest of the Gemotern. The concordat, if it passes after a vote at 8PM that night, will dissolve the state of Cappedore and establish the Provisional State of Wealden, which will dissolve the position of president altogether.