Yadylikan Congressional Building

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Yadylikan Congressional Building
Yadylikan Congressional Building stands with red carpetry to commemorate independence day in 2016
Yadylikan Congressional Building in 2016
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General information
LocationPasikot city, Yadylika
Construction started1820

The Yadylikan Congressional Building is the meeting place of the Yadylikan Congress. It is located in the middle of Pasikot city. It formerly served as the Oileáin Iontacha Governance Building, housing the Morstaybishlian colonial office.



After the Meri Lauluan Coalition War, the north-western Durdneelian islands became part of the newly established Morstaybishlian colony of Sokala. To help govern the islands better, Morstaybishlia needed a building on the islands to house their colonial offices locally so built the Fort Anderloon, located in Anderloon (currently Panbayabas). It served as home to the colonial government until 1824 when Morstaybishlia moved the colonial offices to Yadylikan Governance Building.

Colonial governance

After completion of its construction, the Yadylikan Governance Building became home to the Governor-General of Yadylika. From there, the development efforts of the islands were directed.