Volovan Empire

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The Grand Empire of Volova

ვოლოვას დიდი იმპერია
volovas didi imp’eria
Volovan Empire in 1022
Volovan Empire in 1022
Common languagesSalovian, Ethalrian, Melit'hasa
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Collapse of Salovia
10 December 992
• Reinstatement of the Salovian Monarchy
8 February 1032
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Today part of

The Volovan Empire was an empire that existed primarily in what is now today the modern nation of Volova and Tuvaltastan, as well as territory in the surrounding nations. Established by Lerin XVII's third cousin Orev Velianebi, Volova was formed primarily as a reaction to the collapse of the Salovian monarchy, and all the kings of Volova were in fact members of the larger Salovian royal family. Straddling the Khermali River Valley, the empire was positioned strategically between the Nelic States and the Ethaln nations to the east, and during its forty year existence was the most prosperous of the Interregnal nations of Salovia. Its final monarch, Remis I, went on to reinstate the Salovian Monarchy by declaring himself as the new King of Salovia. Remis I, commonly called Remis the Great, also initiated the Grand Reconquest.