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People's Chamber
Legislature of the Cerdani Democratic Republic
Coat of arms or logo
Emblem of the Volkskammer
TypeUnicameral parliament
Preceded byNationale Volksrat (1922–1950)
Volkskammer 2022.svg
Political groupsNational Front (442)
Independents (33)
  •   Progress Bloc: 25 seats
      Independents: 33 seats
Voting systemInstant-runoff voting (375 Seats)
Single transferable vote (125 Seats)
Last election25 March 2019
Meeting place
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-1990-0419-418, Berlin, Volkskammer während Regierungserklärung von Lothar de Maiziere.jpg
Palast der Republik

The Volkskammer (People's Chamber) is the unicameral legislature of the Cerdani Democratic Republic (colloquially known as East Cerdani) established in 1950.

The Volkskammer has 500 members who are directly elected through a mixed system of preferential voting for National Front and independent candidates in the 375 seats available to them. A single transferable vote system is used for the 125 seats that are specifically set aside for Communist Party candidates. All Volkskammer members serve five-year terms.