National Front (East Cerdani)

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National Front of the Cerdani Democratic Republic

Nationale Front der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik
Founded30 March 1950
Political positionFar-left

The National Front of the Cerdani Democratic Republic is an alliance of political parties (Blockpartei) and mass organisations in the Cerdani Democratic Republic, controlled by the Socialist Revolutionary Party of Cerdani (SRPD), which stands in elections to the East Cerdan parliament, the Volkskammer ("People's Chamber"). All major political parties or organisations that take place in these elections are affiliated with the National Front to an extent.

Constituent parties

Party Emblem Flag Foundation Seats in the Volkskammer (2020)
Socialist Revolutionary Party
August 1919 127
Progressive Party
26 June 1955 52
Liberal Democratic Party
5 July 1953 52
Democratic Farmers' Party
29 April 1955 52