Violet Restoration War

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Violet Restoration War
Date11 November 1966 - 21 January 1968
Atlalandr, Northern Concord

Stale Mate

  • Republican Forces pushed to the Far East of Atlalandr
  • Restoration of the Atlalandian Monarchy in the West

Republic of Atlalandr

 South Hills

Violet Front

Commanders and leaders
Bjørn Lotir
Veri Våld
Hanna Mjøldal
809k 553k
Casualties and losses
524k 356k

The Violet Restoration War, also known as the Second Atlalandian Civil War, was a civil conflict within the country of Atlalandr between the Norgsveltian backed Royalist Rebels and the Concordian backed Republican Government. Started after an increased crackdown against Conservative activity within the country as a result of Norgsveltian funding towards conservative and Royalist paramilitaries. With Brigadier General Hanna Mjøldal leading the Royalists after occupying the city of Ulvik, starting what became known as the Violet Revolt in 1966.

The Civil War was seen as the first major proxy war in the Concordian Cold War, with hundreds of thousands troops from both sides being involved in the fighting. With the war ending in a stalemate as the Royalist Forces were unavailable to push out the entrenched Republican Forces in the most Eastern part of the country. Leading to a Cease Fire agreement between the two forces after pressure from their backers. With the country still being split this very day.


Rise of Republicanism and Einarism

The Kingdom of Atlalandr faced heavy economic difficulties during the early 1950s as a result of its alignment with Norgsveldet during the Concordian Cold War which forced it to cut its trade ties with South Hills, which was its main investor. This was seized upon by the Norgsveltian investors and companies who jumped at the opportunity in buying up mining rights in Atlalandr. While it helped grow the kingdom’s economy, it in turn increased the nation’s inequality. In which the conservative and royalist establishments refused to directly tackle the nation’s wealth inequality, rather choosing to double down policies that benefited Norgsveltian companies. Such as policies which gave a series of tax cuts and increased mining rights to Norgsveltian businesses. It was not until 1960 when prime minister Tor Gørdal from Atlalandr’s Ulvriktru Democrats tried to combat the economic inequality with increased labor rights and slow increase in welfare spending. Yet this was seen as too little too late for the Republican and Socialist opposition within parliament, whose parties grew extremely popular for its heavy opposition to the conservative establishment. In which a popular front was established between various Republican and Socialist parties that were able to win the 1962 election. With the new liberal and socialist coalition government reversing many of past governmental policies. On December 12th of 1963, King Ragnar III held a speech in front of the Atlandian Royal Palace, proclaiming his opposition to the sudden reforms done by the new government. With the government having already been opposed to the monarchy, used the king’s opposition as reason to abolish the monarchy. On the 4th January 1964, the Republic of Atlalandr was established after a parliamentary vote with 60% of the parliament having voted in favor of abolishing the monarchy. In which the government soon exiled the Royal Family to Norgsveldet.

Establishment of the Republic

Soon after the establishment immediate large-scale protests against the government were held in Western Atlalandr. Organized by several different conservative parties, though despite the protests the government remained largely popular among most Atlandians. With the new Republic immediately shedding its ties with Norgsveldet in favor of South Hills. Which included the seizing of assets owned by Norgsveltian mining companies, which caused a major diplomatic incident between the two former allies. During which the NCIS started funding dozens of monarchist and conservative militias and paramilitaries within the country, causing the Atlalandian government to heavily crack down on any conservative activity in the country. Forcing the different paramilitary groups and militias to go underground. With said groups organizing themselves into what became known as the Violet Front of Atlalandr (VFA), an organization that unified them all into one unified command.

In 1965 through the help of the NCIS and KIS the VFA was available to get in contact with several commanders within the Republican Armed Forces of Atlalandr (RAFA), with many within the Republican Army having had Royalist sympathies. According to the Kaldrbuthian historian, Torunn Ragnhildsdatur, it has been speculated that by early 1966 the VFA had been so successful in its infiltration of the Atlalandian Army that over half of its commanders and officers had become sympathetic to their cause. Despite warnings to the Atlandian President, Bjørn Lotir, he repeatedly ignored the signs of the military commanders conspiring with the VFA. Resulting in several army units defecting to the Violet Rebellion that rose up in several cities in Western Atlalandr. Officially starting the civil war.