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Administrator, Wikipedian, longtime RPer, former TEP government member. Self-admitted deletionist. Owner of Oscrelia, Tretrid, Lapinumbia, Transnalpia, and Dræset.

I look after the category with my name on it, as well as several other articles.

Feel free to post a message on my talk page if you need a country data template (essential for using {{Flag}}, {{Flagcountry}}, {{Flagicon}}, {{Flagdeco}}, {{Navy}}, and many other templates that involve some sort of flagicon). I'll be notified if someone posts. Make sure to append any messages with ~~~~ so I know who's making the request and when. I don't want to have to import {{Unsigned}} to TEPwiki. Please make a new section on the talk page for each request, as well.

If you want one created for you, make sure to specify your nation name, your flag file, and (optionally) any variant flags like naval ensigns or war flags (or even flags of military branches).

My ultimate aim for TEPwiki is to make this wiki as much like Wikipedia in presentation as is practically possible.