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Southeast Yasterian War
Part of Great War
File:Bombing of Astryon.jpg
The bombing of the Peregrinian capital city of Astryon by Packilvanian forces
Date1910 to 1917

Packilvanian and Morstaybishlian defeat

Great Morstaybishlia
Alliance of Free Pax States
Commanders and leaders
Thadeus I
Zerah Demir IV
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Casualties and losses
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This is an area to plan and play with different ideas and us not canon.


  • Sultan of Packilvania Ishak VI married Princess X of Peregrinia (refer to List of Packilvanian heads of state for more info on succession in Packilvania)
  • She was the oldest sibling and sister of Emperor X of Peregrinia
  • They had X children, but Zerah Demir IV inherited throne via male-preference primogeniture.
  • Peregrinia also followed male preference primogeniture so when Emperor X of Peregrinia died without heirs, Zerah Demir was the most senior person to inherit the throne
  • The X branch of the House of X, the royal family of Peregrinia refused to recognise her and instead recognised Princess X of X as the legitimate Empress Regnant using X system of primogeniture
  • The Sultana refused to concede the throne
  • When she married King Thadeus I of Great Morstaybishlia, she wanted her child to inherit the thrones of all three nations
  • The Peregrinian House of X already controlled Lazlowia and Lyon and they had mutual defence treaties with states X, Y, and Z in Southeast Yasteria
  • Peregrinia and the SEY states more broadly were competing with Great Morstaybishlia and Packilvania and were nursing imperial ambitions of their own


  • Zerah Demir IV and Princess X sponsor different caucuses in the Peregrinian legislature
  • Princess X wins the vote and is declared Empress Regnant
  • Empress Regnant X signs a law by which Peregrinia joins the Pacific Coalition
  • Great Morstaybishlia and Packilvania declare war on Peregrinia


Events are not in chronological order nor are they fixed.

Battle of Astryon

Battle of Lazlowia

Battle of Masako

Battle of Tilden

Battle of Port Zalebaan

Battle of Caven

Battle of Wakohvea


Treaty of Astryon