United Socialist Provinces of Rumrari

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Her Majesty's United Socialist Provinces of Rumrari

Flag of The Rumrari Union
Flag of the USPR since 1972
Motto: "The Sword of the Great Eastern Sun"
Anthem: "Our Sun, Our Country, The Motherland"
The location of the USPR on Urth
The location of the USPR on Urth
CapitalSol Invictus
Largest cityHaga
Official languagesKodekesian Codexian
Recognised regional languagesPacklivanian
Provinces of the USPRGreater Sol

Hagean Bay Islands

The Eastern Isles

North Groven

South Groven

• Shield of Sol (Monarch)
Yasmeen Ayoub-Rotasu
• Sword of Sol (Executive)
Tamina Shir-Del
• Chancellor (Presiding Officer of the Setar)
Leila Shiraz
• Ma-or of the House (Presiding Officer of the House of Magnasol)
Ahura Pahlavi
House of Magnasol

Her Majesty's United Socialist Provinces of Rumrari, also known as the Rumrari Union or the USPR is a federal state, consisting of provinces on its island home in southeast Yasteria. The nation's government is a federal republic operating under a constitutional monarchy with a tetracameral national legislative system. The USPR has a land border with the nation of Lazlowia and is in close proximity to Peregrinia, the Oan Isles, and territories of Great Morstaybishlia. The provinces of Rumrari consist of the original three provinces (Greater Sol, North Groven & South Grovern - Split in 1970, and Duvara) and the admitted provinces of Hagean Bay Islands (in 1969) and the Eastern Isles(in 1975). The Hagean Bay spans from the capital of Sol Invictus to the eastern edge of the Easter Isles.

Government and Politics


The governance of the USPR is split between the two houses of the Rivergrove(the Legislature), the Setar & the House of Magnasol, the Council of Daggers(the Executive), and the The Shield of Sol (the Monarchy). Each branch has specific cultural and practical functions in order to govern the USPR.

Rexus Rumra(the Constitution)

The Rexus Rumra, also known as the Rexus, is the highest legal document in the USPR and is revised every thirty years in the Rexus Convention. The Rexus establishes the powers and procedures of all four legislative entities and the three governing branches as well as the governing instruments of the nation, the fundamental rights of the people, and protocols for the government to follow under an emergency.

The Shield of Sol

The Shield of Sol, often referred to as the Shield, serves as the Monarch of the USPR. The Shield is the head of state, having mostly ceremonial functions, such as entertaining foreign leaders or acting as "the First Citizen". However, the Shield has three extremely important functional purposes, including working with the Council of Daggers to establish diplomatic relations, voting on legislation, and acting as the emergency government in the event that the Sword of Sol is incapable. Historically, the Shield had a veto power over proposed legislation and was printed on the face of currency but both privileges were overturned in 1972. The current Shield of Sol is Her Majesty Yasmeen Ayoub-Rotasu, born in 1956, rose to power in 1971 at fifteen years old, and married Her Majesty Consort Alexandra Ayoub-Rotasu in 1979.

The Sword of Sol

The Sword of Sol, often referred to as the Sword, serves as the Chief Executive of the USPR.

The Rivergrove

The Rivergrove is the primary legislative branch of the USPR's government that consists of two houses, the Setar(Upper House) and the House of Magnasol(Lower House).

The Setar
The House of Magnasol