Torstein Jensen

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Torstein Jensen
Norgsveltian Security Council representetive to the
International Forum
In office
1st February 2021 – 20th August 2022
Succeeded byHenriette Grodatur
Ambassador of Norgsveldet to South Hills
In office
July 12, 2000 – November 3, 2019
Preceded byGerit Asker
Succeeded byGerit Asker
Ambassador of Norgsveldet to Union of Commonwealth Alliances
In office
January 11th 1982 – February, 2000
Succeeded byErik Torleikson
Personal details
Born (1919-04-10) April 10, 1919 (age 105)
Ny Osfjord, Norgsveldet
Spouse(s)Rosia Sannadatur (m. 1950; div. 2022), Eirin Slovkry (m. 2022), Carina Slovkry (m. 2022)
  • Erik Jensen (father)
  • Sara Jensen (mother)
EducationOsfjord Univeristy, Law school

Torstein Slovkry Jensen (Born, 10th April, 1919) is a Norgsveltian diplomat who served as the Norgsveltian representative in the Security Council in International Forum. He has become a well reknown ambassador in Norgsveldet having served as previous ambassadors to both South Hills and Union of Commonwealth Alliances, and had served in the Norgsveltian Army in 1939 to 1949, serving as a lieutenant in the Frilandr Civil War (1941-1947) as a volunteer. In which a year after he married his first wife, Rosia Sannadatur, the two then went out to study Law School.

Torstein got a lot of online attention after a tense exchange with Blueacian Ambassador to the International Forum, Benjamin Donninger, was recorded in which memes was created from the exchange.

He was forced to resign as a representive to the International Forum after having had an affair with a fellow ambassador Eirin Slovkry. Being placed as the Norgsveltian ambassador to Nystatiszna at the orders of king Olav I. In which he converted to Akuanism and married Eirin and Carina Slovkry. The affair caused a lot of anger in Nyveldet holding a lot of sympathy to his ex-wife Rosia Sannadatur who was popular among the far right community there for her important position in the nationalistic Fatherland Party.