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Discussion page.

Ethnicity suggestion

Hello User:Tissandra, this is Oan, the current owner of Packilvania. In your Demographics section you stated that Packilvanians and Tissandrans are related. However I noted that Tissandrans are human. Given that the majority of Packilvanians are Felines, you need to specify that the Packilvanians you are referring to are Human Packilvanians to avoid confusion. The Oan Isles (talk) 08:52, 28 December 2021 (CST)

Pax-Tissandran relations

By the way, I have a page on the Foreign relations of Packilvania, I added a row in the table for Tissandra, please populate it with information regarding our relations when you have the time or inclination. The Oan Isles (talk) 09:02, 28 December 2021 (CST)