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Tissandra is a country in the middle of Yasteria Major continent. The area extended from the Hikaru's Gulf, to the West into the Yasterian Range. To the north, its borders Hama, and to the east lies the huge Packilvania territories. Though small, it once held the entirety of Yasteria wastelands and interiors. The core area of Tissandra consisted of two major cities; Annuriel and Eranorth, with population of around 92 million people.

Constitutional Monarchy of Tissandra

Flag of Tissandra
Motto: Dei Momenti Negligantur
Largest cityAnnuriel
Official languages
Ethnic groups
GovernmentParliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
• Monarch
Paverel II von Wittelsbach
William Eckelhart
House of Lords
House of Commons
11 November 1918
• Total
25,345,545 km2 (9,785,970 sq mi)
• Estimate
• Density
4.2/km2 (10.9/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)2018 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2018 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
Gini (2010)28.5
SDI (2018)Steady 0.891
very high
CurrencyNew Guldens ()
Time zoneUTC+1 (Middle Yasteria)
Driving sideleft
Calling code+650
Internet TLD.ti

The history of Tissandra began with the rise of the Hellenistic Civilization around 700 bc. Soon, the divided tribes united under the Eranorth Tribe and began the Pax Hellenica around the year 500 bc. The Hellenic Empire occupied much of Yasteria Major for 5 century, before the Great Revolt, led by Vinitius Clint overthrew the despot, and founded the Clintinian Republic. The Republic downfall in 1556 Ac led to the East West Divides that persisted well into the 20th century, where the devastating Second Civil War broke out in 1914. The unified modern nation today is the result of the Angelas Treaty signed in 1918.

Modern Tissandra is commonly described as decadent and corrupt, although life expectancy and quality of living are high. This attributes are seemingly derived from Native Yasterian who felt the nation occupies their territory unlawfully. The International society are still unresponsive to the stated captions.


The name "Tissandra" first deprived from the ancient Eranorth Tribe. No one actually clear about the real meaning of the name for the Eranorthians. But for the Hellenistic cultures that succeed it the name came from the Legend of Hellen, where supossedly, Tissa was Hellen first true love. And so, universally accepted by the Hellenist, that the entirety of Tissandran people are descendants of Tissa and Hellen.

The first use of the name came after the First Civil War where the two halves of the country claimed the name as their own. Today, the name Tissandra is codified in the section 2 paragraph 1 of the 1918 Constitution and stands as the official name for the Constitutional Monarchy.


Historical Intellects and scientist agreed that the History of Tissandra mainly consisted of five stages; Tribal Era, Hellenistic Civilization, Clintinian Republic, The East-West Period, and modern history.

Pre-Historical Era

Arround 1000 bc, Middle Yasteria was occupied by both Yasterian Natives and Coasts Tribes. The origin of these Coast Tribes are unknown, although there are lot of its remnants around the caves in Packilvania's coasts.

The tribes was peacefully living together. Some evident showed that Native Yasterian received Iron pots and potteries from the Coast Tribes. Some remnants of Ibex bones was found around a former Coast Tribe villages near Annuriel, although Ibexs are only found Arround inner Yasterian, suggesting that trading was flourishing at that time.

Arround 800 bc, a Coast Tribe called the Ærath moved near Lake Tiberion. The exact date were unknown, but according to Aelita Tablet King Æthélfled was the one who led his tribe to conquer most of inner Yasterian, and subjugated most of Yasterian Natives.

The founding date of Eranorth seems correlates with Æthélfled's conquest, of around 800 bc. Æthélfled died on Yasterian Range when he led his tribal men across during a hurricane. Legend often stated that the hurricane was unnatural, and was started by Æthélfled's brother, Æron. The conquest was continued under Æron, until he was overthrewed by Æthélfled's heir, Eleana.

It was under Eleana, when the first Hellenic Temple was founded in Creçoré.

Hellenic Era

Eleana Æçara became the first Shallah of the Hellenic Civilization on 24th of August 624 bc, and gone to rule almost for 72 years. During her reign, Hellenist began to preached across Yasteria, while roads are built to connect the major villages and tribes of Yasteria Major.

Eleana and her husband, Huron

Eleana's direct five descendants was acknowledged as the Philosopher Shallas. Under their leadership, Hellenist occupied much of Yasteria. Around 446 bc, Æthura led the Hellenist once more across the Yasteria Range, and managed to surpass the deadly passes. He would gone to conquer most of the tribes west of the ranges. While in 314 bc, Bastierra build the Grand Acqueducts, series of Acqueducts and irrigation across core lands of the Hellenist.

The Golden Days

In Bastierra's time, the Hellenist had transformed from a tribal despotism, into a bureaucratic empire. The nation now had an established political bodies.

Bastierra in a Hellenica Coin, issued around his time of death.

Although elected counselors and advisors already existed during Eleana's rules, the embodiment of the Senate and Congress of the Shallah are ratified inside Æthura's Book of The Century.

The Senate was a freely elected body of 300 people. Though everyone principally can be a Senator, only the rich are able to fund campaigns (Prætoras) across the nation. The Congress on the other hand, was elected by the Senate. Both Congress and Senate serve for a 6 years term and can be reelected multiple times.

Carniol, a giant forum in Creçoré where Senators and Congressman confide.

The realm also owned national institution, that each had its own branches regionally. The two institutions that were procurring the governance are the Magisterone and Milatireire.

The Dæstan

After the death of Bastierra on 292 bc, Eleana's line ended. The Succescion Wars that followed his death rampage the country for three years, until Carmac Dæstan won the siege of Creçoré. He was crowned Shallah in Eranorth, as the Emerald Palace in Creçoré has been destroyed during the brutal siege.

The reign of the Dæstans were filled with hardship, as Common Taxes was implemented to quickly rebuilt the burgeoning realm. But conquest continues, and during these times, Annuriel was founded. With the sovereign gone out on expeditions, there are no oversight for the collection of the Common Taxes. Soon, corruption ensues.

Galantir'S fresco, inside Temple for Caron

During the expedition eastward in 75 bc, Galantir Dæstan died. His son, Ærica was still 7 year old. Although the law explicitly said that a Shallah can be of any age, the Senate overulled it, and set up an Interregnum for Ærica. The times was often described in historical texts as a the Times of Troubles. Rich Senators often accept bribes or easement to disrupt the bureaucratic processes of the realm.

Taxes were levied twice as many as during the time of Galantir. This caused poverty soar, and the bureaucratic offices to be burdened. As such, the realm expansion halted; though its just reached its peak size.

The Prophecy of Angelas

Arround 64 bc, a new faith began to be established surrounding Creçore. Some historian argues about the truth behind the exhibition and expansion of this new faith, but its generally agreed that it was brought by Abraham son of Lucca. Abraham began his preaching around that year, and soon enough there were huge number of masses hearing him. Most people argues that Abraham's doctrine of sharing and equalities were very popular among the growing masses of poor across the country. And it is also agreed that Abraham's popularity derived the corrupt senators to act against him.

It was told that Abraham moved from Creçore to Eranorth on the year 62 bc. He met with Ærica, and began to teach the young King his teaching. The most notorious senator at that time, Duræni 'The Bloated' reportedly began to deliver some lies and accusations against Abraham, finalising in the Senate's order to catch him. The Senate sent the city bailiffs to arrest him in Eranorth's market, but unbeknownst to them, Abraham was with Ærica at that time. The bailiffs, possibly didn't know that the you disciple of Abraham was the king himself, knocked out the young man with a club, and arrested Abraham. Its possible that this act was the mortal blow to the king, as he died just a week later.

The Senate ordered Abraham to be hanged, but during the execution process, he made a great speech called The Prophecy of Angelas (possibly referring to the Temple of Angelas near his execution ground). The executioner hanged him just right after his speech finished. The crowd suddenly lifted in uproar, and Eranorth was engulfed in rebellion for the entire year of 61 bc. The rebellion soon retreated outside the city, and began The Kinstrive. In the end of the year, the senators fled the city to Anuriel and called for mobilisation.

The Kinstrive