Sokalan War of Independence

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Sokalan War of Independence

Clockwise from the top: A Diyuhan unit being drilled, A Durdneelian unit in a trench, a Sokalan National Guard unit charge a Sokalan Nationalist position, A gunfight erupts between Sokalan nationalists and loyalists, Andrew Matagumpay poses for a picture, A Sokalan general and a brigade of soldiers
DateJuly 3, 1920 - September 8, 1920
Sokalan Republic

Great Morstaybishlia

Commanders and leaders
Andrew Matagumpay
Keira Montero
Clodoveo Makalintal
Ethan Nagle
Zhao Huang

The Sokalan War of Independence was an armed conflict between the nationalist-monarchist forces of Andrew Matagumpay and the Colonial Government of Sokala that lasted from July 3, 1920 to September 8, 1920. After the Great War, Morstaybishlia's military presence in the archipelago weakened and despite being granted home rule by Morstaybishlia, the various peoples that resided within the archipelago were vying for independence. In 1920, native tribes lead by Andrew Matagumpay took over the cities of Seibhu, the then capital of Sokala, and the neighboring city city of Bondoc. Clashes between Matagumpay's forces and the forces of the Sokalan government and Morstaybishlia occured throughout Sokala. Despite 7 weeks of fighting resulting in heavy losses, the frontline ceased to move and resulted in a stalemate. Talks were launched between Matagumpay and Orson Klarass, the prime minister of Morstaybishlia. After a week of back and forth, an agreement was formed. In exchange of Morstaybishlia keeping the city of Sontoc, Nada Naval Base, and Betho Air Base under Morst control for 75 years, Sokalan independence recognized by Morstaybishlia as an independent nation.