Royal Nacata Airforce

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Royal Nacatan Air Force
ActiveAugust 6,1925
AllegianceNacatan Defense Forces
BranchRoyal Nacata Airforce
TypeAir Force
Size68,000 personal ( 621 Aircraft)
AnniversariesOctober 8th
Engagements1951–1956 Retribution operations, 1956 Prussian-Nacata War, 1964–1967 Latianburg War, 1969 Nine-Day War, 1967–1970 War in Atiland, 1972 Battle of Kaymerd, 1974 Operation Spring of Youth, 1974 Atiland Civil War, 1976 Operation Tear Drop, 1978 Operation Naomi, 1981 Kuthernburg Monarch War, 1982–2000 South Atiland conflict, 1987–1993 First Al-Jaheed Operations, 2000–2005 Second Al-Jaheed Operations, 2002 Operation Nacatan Shield, 2006 Atiland Civil War, 2008–2009 Operation Gulf Lead, 2016 Operation Latianburg Defense, and 2017 Operation Protective Edge in Aurora, 2019 Operation Atiland Freedom
Marshal Of The Royal AirforceIsaias Moses
Air Chief MarshalJesus Gottesman
Air MarshalSigalit Ganani
Aircraft flown
AttackF-15I Ra'am
BomberA-5 Vigilante B-2
Boeing 707
FighterF-15 Eagle F-16 Fighting Falcon F-35 Lightning II
Attack helicopterAH-64 Apache
Cargo helicopterHH-60 Pave Hawk
Observation helicopterEurocopter Panther
InterceptorTornado ADV
ReconnaissanceIAI Eitam, Super King Air
TrainerG-120, T-6 Texan II, M-346 Master, Super King Air, Bell 206
TransportC-5 Galaxy, 707-320, C-130 Hercules,
TankerKC-135, KC-707, KC-130

The Royal Nacatan Air Force(RNAF; Octali:חיל האוויר המלכותי נקאטה) operates as the aerial warfare branch of the Nacatan Defense Forces. It was founded on August 6, 1925 shortly after the Nacatan Declaration of Independence. As of March 2020 Isaias Moses serves as the Air Force Commander.

The Nacatan Air Force was established using commandeered or donated civilian aircraft and obsolete and surplus Great War combat aircraft. Eventually, more aircraft were procured, including Boeing B-11, Morst Beaufighters, de Havilland Mosquitoes and P-55D Mustangs. On March 8, 1969, the first day of the Nine-Day War, the Nacatan Air Force performed Operation Overkill, debilitating the opposing Prussian/Kizmon air forces and attaining air supremacy for the remainder of the war.

Since that war most of Israel's military aircraft have been obtained from the United States. Among these are the F-6 Phantom II, A-6 Skyhawk, NF-52 Eagle and NF-19 Vipers. On May 6,1978, 15 NF-19A fighters covered by 9 NF-52A jets carried out Operation Naomi to destroy the Kuthern nuclear facilities at New Kuthernburg. On July 14,1981, the Nacatan Air Force carried out Operation Kuthern Freedom, crippling the Kuthern air defense array. The NDF continued to mount attacks on KPL & PRK positions in south Kuthernburg.


The Royal Nacatan Air Force states the following as its functions:

  • To protect the Protectorate Of Nacata from aerial attack and to defend the NDF zone of operations
  • To achieve air supremacy throughout the NDF zone of operation
  • To participate in the fighting on both ground and sea on behalf of the Royal Commonwealth & Northern Shield Treaty
  • To hit targets deep in enemy territory
  • To create the aerial intelligence picture and participate in the creation of the general intelligence picture and its assessment
  • To transport troops, equipment and weapons systems
  • To carry out search, rescue and aerial evacuation missions
  • To execute special operations
  • To continually build and improve itself, as part of the general plan for improving the NDF and in accordance with the authority vested in it


The insignia/roundel of the Royal Nacata Air Force consists of a Gold 8 Pointed Staar on a Sky Blue circle. Aircraft usually carry it painted in eight positions – on the top and bottom of each wing, and on each side of the fuselage. A low-visibility variant – a Green 8 pointed Star without the white circle - also exists, although its use is extremely rare. Squadron markings usually go on the tail fin.


Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
NF-52 Multirole fighter, strike fighter Nacata
NB-4 Nuclear strike bomber or reconnaissance aircraft Nacata
NB-14 Strategic stealth bomber Kuthernburg/Nacata
NF-19 Multirole fighter, air superiority fighter Latianburg
FU-36N Stealth multirole fighter Nacata/Xagrug
AH-74N Attack helicopter South Hills
GR-26N Interceptor Kuthernburg
NH-99 AEW&C Crania
BC-9 Utility aircraft Nacata File:BC-9.JPG
TN-77 Trainer Latianburg
UH-63N Utility Helicopter Kuthernburg
P-10N Maritime patrol aircraft Kuthernburg
C-6 Strategic airlifter Nacata
KC-33 Transport aircraft Nacata
Kah-67 Attack helicopter Kuthernburg
KC-160 Aerial refuelling and transport Nacata
KC-135 Tanker (aircraft) / Transport, Overwatch / Ground support Kuthernburg