Republic of Yor Air Force

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Republic Of Yor Air Force
York Air Force
Republic Of Yor Air Force Roundel
FoundedJanuary 1st,2018
President Of YorDominik Chren
Chief of Air ForceRoman Valentynovych Parkhomenko
Air Force Command ChiefSerhij Bohdanovych Lyashko
Military age18
Active personnel15,320
Deployed personnel2,300
Foreign suppliersKuthernburg

Nacata South Hills

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HistoryAuroran-Pacific War II (2017), Atiland Operation (2018)

The Republic of Yor Air Force is the air arm of the York Armed Forces.

The backbone of the RYAF is formed by the Block 12/12+ NF-19 Fighting Hawk. These are armed with Nacatan-supplied NIM-165C AMRAAM missiles and LANTIRN targeting pods, laser guided munitions and conformal fuel tanks for long-range strikes. Due to severe airspace constraints within Yor, the RYAF operates its aircraft at several overseas locations to provide greater exposure to its pilots.

Aircraft Inventory

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
F-52 Eagle Multirole fighter, strike fighter 40 Nacata
F-19C/D Block12/12+ Fighting Hawk Multirole fighter, air superiority fighter 55 Nacata
F-36 Thunderbolt Stealth multirole fighter 25 Kuthernburg
NH-99 Awac Electronic warfare/AWACS 6 Kasmiyland
KP-10 Maritime patrol aircraft 4 Kuthernburg
KC-160 Air Refueling & Transport 5 Kuthernburg
KC-135 Air Refueling & Transport 5 Kuthernburg
C-135SP Transport 10 Kuthernburg
AH-74D Attack Helicopter 30 Kuthernburg
CH-51SP Transport & Utility 25 Lessau
KA-4C ASW / SAR 22 Kuthernburg