Norgsveltian Armed Forces

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Norgsveltian Armed Forces
Coat of Arms
Service branchesImperial Realms Navy
  • Royal Marines
  • Coast Guard
Norgsveltian Imperial Army
Imperial Realms AirForce
Royal Home Guard
Commander-in-ChiefOlav I
Minister for DefenceIve Ervenlen
Chief of the Defence StaffNjord Yrkedal
Military age18
ConscriptionRequired by law
Active personnel554,175
Reserve personnel524,445
Budget$140 billion
FY 2021-22
Percent of GDP3,31%
FY 2021-22

The Norgsveltian Armed Forces (NAF), or also know as United Imperial Forces of the Norgsveltian Realm (UIFNR) are there services for the defense of Norgsveldet and it's overseas territories. The NAF has a total of 1 million personel including the reserves. With large regional to global power projection capabilities. It is the strongest millitary in the Union of Commonwealth Alliances and the Norgsveltian Crown Realm mostly due to it's spending and size. Most recent conflicts the armed forces has been involved in has been the Tiresh One Month War, Balistrian Coalition War and the Helslandr Civil War. Today the NAF is constisting of the Norgsveltian Imperial Army the proffesional and well equiped land force, the Royal Home Guard that is the main defensive land force of Norgsveldet and it's overseas islands, Imperial Realms Airforce and the Imperial Realms Navy with blue water capabilities. The Commander-in-chief of the Norgsveltian Armed Forces (NAF) is the Norgsveltian Monarch Olav I, to whom the forces swear loyalty. The monarch after the Norgsveltian constitution to have studied in millitary leadership.