Nature Preservation Acts of 1834

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The Nature Preservation Acts of 1834 were a series of Acts officially establishing the Salovelos Bunebis Datsvis Samsakhuri, referred to in Staynish as the Nature Preservation Service of Salovia, a service designated under the Salovian Ministry of The Motherland. The Acts were signed in a series of sessions in 1834, the first of which being the Nature Preservation Act, its name being the umbrella to refer to the succeeding Acts related to it. Two other acts, called the Expulsion Act and the Preservatory Infrastructures Act, initiated the removal of non-native sentient populations from the areas designated under the Nature Preservation Act, and formally allocated funds to the Nature Preservation Service to establish infrastructure to effectively monitor the natural areas and provide visitor access to certain areas. The last Act in the series was the Native Aderin of Eternium Act, which formally recognized the Aderin Tribe of Eternium Isle to be a vital aspect of the local environment. This allowed for the tribe to remain on the island, and made them exempt from the Expulsion Act.

After the Auroran Imperial War in 1975, Tivotian Independence raised the question on the legal status of the 1834 Acts. A special session of the Tivotian National Senate was held, and, barring minor revisions and improvements to the legal language, the Acts were deemed to still be applicable to the territory of Tivot. As such, the status of the Aderin Tribe remains exempt from the Preservation Act under the same Native Aderin of Eternium Act.

Upon the dissolution of Salovia, the Nature Preservation Service was replaced at the national level by Biramura, Kostromastan, and Tuvaltastan as the Natural Reserves Program in Biramura, the Khermali and Didikvisha Monitoring System in Kostromastan, and the Nature Preservation Service in Tuvaltastan. Most of the Acts remained legally applicable to the three nations, however Kostromastan and Biramura heavily revised portions of it to reflect the reduction in natural ecosystems. Biramura would later remove the Natural Reserves Program in its entirety under the direction of Lady Posol, and the Kostrom equivalent would be put into legal limbo after the dissolution of the nation. Legislators of Volova have yet to decide on whether the Monitoring System is to be succeeded into the Volovan government.