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The ECSEA flag.

The Emberwood Coast Space Exploration Administration employs several thousand employees and contracts out much of its construction work. It has had several successful missions, including reusable shuttle runs that number in the hundreds.

Vehicle Classes

E.S.V. Rose in orbit over Aurora.
E.S.V. Endeavor under construction in orbit with U.S.S. Avaritia.
E.S.V. Ascension being installed at the Capitol Aerospace Museum in Aura

Emberitian Space Vehicles and Stations

Vessel Name Status Commissioned
ESV Endeavor Docked at Autumn Station 2016
Myriad Station Destroyed (2016) 2007
Autumn Station Extreme Equatorial Orbit 2010
ESV Reliant (7) On Mission (Spacelab) 2006
ESV Rose (6) In Hangar 2006
ESV Columbia (5) In Hangar 2006
ESV Artemis (4) In Hangar 2006
ESV Belladonna (3) Pad 1- Stonewall Point 2005
ESV Challenger (2) In Hangar 2005
ESV Fox (1) In Hangar 2005
ESV Avaritia^ (D) In Hangar 1995
ESV Discovery^ (C) In Hangar 1994
Perpetua Station Destroyed (2005) 1994
ESV Kaleidoscope (B) Retired (Aurora Aerospace Museum) 1991
ESV Ascension (A) Retired (Aura Museum of Aeronautics) 1991
*Under Construction ^Refit Pending ??Unknown