Morstaybishlian Invasion of Fort Noct 1543

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Morstaybishlian Invasion of Fort Noct
Part of the Western Auroran Crusades
File:Fort Noct Fire.jpeg
A residential area of Fort Noct ablaze during the conflict

Morstaybishlian victory

  • Morstaybishlian control of Fort Noct
  • Major Devastation of Fort Noct
  • Destabilisation of Kormistazic Empire
Morstaybishlia Kormistazic Empire
Commanders and leaders
Lambertus IV, Redrugus IX Kakaril Kalamitas
Casualties and losses
2,400 42,700

The Morstaybishlian Invasion of Fort Noct, otherwise known as the Great Fire of Fort Noct was an invasion of the Kormistazic city fort of Fort Noct by the Morstaybishlian Empire, led by Lambertus IV and Redrugus IX. It was the culmination of the Western Auroran Crusades of Morstaybishlia against Kormistazm, ultimately resulting in its destabilisation and annexation.