Lambertus IV

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Lambertus IV
Portrait of Lambertus IV in 1800
King of Morstaybishlia
Reign22 December 1522 - 4 July 1574
Coronation28 December 1522
PredecessorKing Edwin III
Heir ApparentKing Redrugus V
IssueKing Redrugus V
Lambertus Nickard Vernian
FatherKing Lambertus III

Lambertus IV (7 February 1497 - 4 July 1574), usually known as Lambertus the Slayer was the third King of Morstaybishlia throughout the Western Auroran Crusades, surviving and leading many battles from 1524 to 1562. During his later years his son Redrugus V led his armies against the Kormistazic Empire in his place. Lambertus died in 1574, a year before the Morstaybishlian Empire would defeat the Kormistazic Empire.

Lambertus was credited with slaying Honoluras Faithful at the Battle of Fort Montekaan in January 1524 and became a legendary figure in Morstaybishlian 19th century literature for the many battles he led against the Kormistazic Empire.