Love Will Leave You Crying

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"Love Will Leave You Crying"
Single by SONIA
from the album Wonderland
ReleasedApril 1, 2020 (single album)
April 18, 2020 (Wonderland album)
RecordedOctober 2019 – December 2019
StudioGreenwood, Nagato
GenreGenesi Pop, Nagato Rap, Nagato Jazz
Length4:22 (both versions)
LabelYuki Labels
SONIA singles chronology
"I’ll Be There"
"Love Will Leave You Crying"

"Love Will Leave You Crying" is a Genesi/Nagatoian pop song written by the duo SONIA in 2019 for their Wonderland album produced by Yuki Labels. The song became SONIA’s first number-one hit on the Nagcon chart and won the Nagcon Song of the Year for 2020.


The song was written by Sonia Dawn and Rosa May as the first song written by both of them. Dawn wanted a song to have a story behind it. In an interview with Dawn and May, Dawn said, “The plot behind the song is a warning: Be cautious of that woman you fell in love with; she is very dangerous to you. The lyrics tell of someone warning their friend that looks are very deceiving. The woman you fell in love with will only break your heart in the end. It’s a vicious warning.”

"Love Will Leave You Crying" became the number one hit in 2020. According to Producer Nate Silver, May was a little nervous and intimidated during the recording sessions because she had to do the rapping part in Codexian as well as singing the verses and chorus in Genesi. Dawn, however, felt right at home singing in Genesi and helped May sing her parts as well. The duo also made an all Codexian version of the song and was released in the Wonderland album and as its own single album.

"Love Will Leave You Crying" was the first song made by SONIA, but Dawn and May made their solo songs before joining together (Dawn’s "Take Off" and May’s "I’ll Be There"). The song was inducted into the Nagcon Hall of Fame in 2020 and is regarded today as one of the most important single ever released by Yuki Labels.


Offical versions

  • Genesi Version (4:22)
  • Codexian Version (4:22)