Listonia at the Tenth Winter Olympics

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at the Tenth Winter Olympics

Flag of Listonia
County code VEK
NOC Listonian International Sports Organization
Competitors 12 athletes in 4 sports
Flag bearer Ankya Guligasi (Figure Skating)
Rank: 12th;
NS Olympic history
Summer Games
Winter Games

A team of 12 vulpine peoples representing Listonia competed at the Tenth Winter Olympics in Free Republics. These Olympics are Listonia's first appearance in an inter-regional Olympiad, and first appearance at a Winter Olympics. Listonia, who hastily constructed a team of Listonian athletes and defectors from Vekaiyu under the guidance of the Listonian International Sports Organization, was not expected to compete for medals in any discipline.

Initial Predictions

A total of twelve athletes consist of the first national Listonian Olympic Team, bound for Baseton in the Republic of Amolotopia. These athletes will make history as the first international athletes competing under the Listonian banner. All athletes have become instant superstars in a nation that has made great strides over the past year in terms of security, trade, and stability. It would be even more fitting to see this great nation earn a medal at these international games.

Premier Stapen Evesuni gave the athletes a warm sendoff prior to the athletes boarding their plane in the Listonian capital of Ye'leli. "This was an impossible dream fifteen years ago. We weren't even a state. We didn't even have any kind of representation. It took us five years to support a team for these Olympics. Nothing in Listonia is ever truly easy, but we do everything to the fullest extent of our abilities. Regardless of where you all finish, you bring all of us great pride. For these several weeks, allow us to make you a part of our lunch conversations, our news programs, and our families."

The team consists of two humans (Pawel Sikulikov and Frankyo Iligastro) and ten vulpines. Of those ten vulpines, six are defectors from Vekaiyu - all of whom are speed skaters. These skaters have made Listonia their home in the short time they've been a part of our team, no doubt, and will most certainly provide the strong competition our nation is looking forward to. In addition, strong figure skaters Temotu Legavensu and Ankya Guligasi are also potential competitors for medals.

"It's kind of bizarre," Ankya Guligasi said of representing Listonia, "we always talked about fielding a team. I'm glad we are able to compete this year. It is my sincerest hope that I can win a medal for my people, Father Evesuni, and the Almighty. It would be a dream come true, but I do not know what to expect. I just hope I can bring honor."

To facilitate the viewing of these Olympic games, aquatic arenas and other sports venues will play highlights of the day's events for those who do not have access to television or those who simply want to enjoy these historical moments in a social setting. The mayor of Ye'leli, Riyna Soliviko, has said that the city is set up such that "no citizen in Ye'leli should have an excuse not to see the events."



Medal Name(s) Sport Event
Gold Ivalsa Ayveskoya Speed Skating Women's 3000 m
Silver Yavo Reynastre Speed Skating Men's 500 m
Gold Ankya Guligasi Figure Skating Lady's Free Skate
Medals by sport
Sport med_1.png Med 2.png med_3.png Total
Speed Skating 1 1 0 1
Figure Skating 1 0 0 1
Medals by type
Type med_1.png Med 2.png med_3.png Total
Men's 1 0 0 1
Women's 1 1 0 2
Mixed 0 0 0 0
Total 2 1 0 3
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