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Morstaybishlian Overseas Territory of Lannaga

Anthem: "Rise the Empire through Union." (official)
Location of Lannaga within the Seligeze Islands
Location of Lannaga within the Seligeze Islands
and largest city
Official languageStaynish
Recognised regional languagesLannagan
Ethnic groups
100% Human
• High-King
Lambertus VII
Salizar Mohagas
• Total
2,161 km2 (834 sq mi)
• 2019 estimate
• 2017 census
• Density
346.36/km2 (897.1/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2017 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyKirib ()
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sidethe left
ISO 3166 codeSEL
Internet TLD.sel

Lannaga is the largest island within the Morstaybishlian territory of the Seligeze Islands in the Packilvanian Ocean. The organised territory includes the island of Lannaga as well as three atolls called Miki Haka, Puepora and Nugrenco.

Lannaga, the largest island, has an area of 1,731 km² and a population of 744,670 (2017). It is the halfway point for most Morsto-Packilvanian trade and all flights going from Aurora to Yasteria, northern Arcturia and Concordia and vice versa.

The atoll Miki Haka consists of 4 small islands and 2 islets and has a total area, including the lagoon, of 44 km² (17 sq mi) with a land area of 2 km² (0.77 sq mi). It is located 6 km south of Lannaga and has a population of 326 (2017).

The atoll Puepora consists of 24 islets and has a total area, including the lagoon, of 40 km² (15 sq mi), with a land area of 1.7 km² (0.66 sq mi), and is located 9 km south west of Lannaga. It has a population of 303 (2017).

Nugrenco is an uninhabited atoll with a land area of less than 0.5 km² (0.19 sq mi) surrounding a 37.1 km² (14.3 sq mi) lagoon and sits 155 km south of Lannaga. It consists of 4 islets that, due to its relative isolation from the main islands in the group, has a largely undisturbed flora and fauna that has been allowed to exist in a relatively pristine condition.