Seligeze Islands

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The Seligeze Islands and the nearby Grayson Islands.

The Seligeze Islands, sometimes abbreviated to the SI, is a collective term for the Morstaybishlian territories in the Packilvanian Ocean: Lannaga, Gizimagos, Dupanga and Hourigan. The four islands and their atolls make up the Seligeze Archipelago (named for the original native Seligeze people, formerly the Morstaybishlian Packilvanian Ocean Territory 1735-1916). The Grayson Islands which are governed by the local Seligeze Assembly is split into five islands; Black Island, Grayson Minor, Grayson Major, North Saswich, South Saswich and the newly formed volcanic island Byenar.

For a year during the later stages of the Auroran Imperial War, the largest island of Lannaga declared itself independent from the Morstaybishlian Empire. Just after the war ended, Morstaybishlian troops were deployed to end the Republic of Lannaga. There was a skirmish between Morstaybishlian troops and troops who aligned themselves with the new republic. After one and a half hours of gunfire, the self proclaimed Chancellor Ricktor Usmele surrendered. There were 16 casualties and 6 fatalities, of which there were only 2 Morstaybishlian casualties. Ricktor Usmele was charged with treason and sentenced to life in prison on Detention Island.