Roland Jerome

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Roland Jerome
Jerome in August 2020
Leader of Liberal Democrat
Assumed office
15th October 2020
Preceded byposition established
Member of Parliament
Assumed office
1st August 2020
Preceded byposition established
Chair of the Judiciary Committee
In office
31st August 2020 – 22nd September 2020
Preceded bySome person
Succeeded byAmaury Brugière
Personal details
Roland Jerome

(1994-03-15) 15 March 1994 (age 30)
Vernau, Urgia Major, Alksearia

Roland Jerome (born 15th March 1994) is currently an MP for Alksearia. He started the Liberal-Democrat caucus in late-August, and then registered it as it's own party after the arrest of the Prime Minister Matthias Barbet. He is currently seeking the Prime Ministership.

Early Life


Political career

Roland Jerome entered politics at a relatively young age. The first political office he held was being a Member of the Cooperative Assembly. He didn't gain a lot of traction until he ran for Parliament under Liberal Alksearia in District 33. He was running up against a Nationalist candidate. He narrowly won his constituency, and went on to sit in the General Assembly.

While serving in the General Assembly, he helped to co-author the Judiciary Reform Bill with [INSERT NAME HERE]. After attempts were made by the Prime Minister to ignore his proposal, he took matters into his own hands and created the Liberal Democrat Caucus within the Liberal Alksearia Party. The goal of that caucus was to prevent the Prime Minster from controlling what could or could not be introduced in the Parliament. It was very well known that PM Matthias Barbet and Jerome did not like each other. In early September, rumors spread through the parliament that Jerome would defect from the party. Jerome denied these rumors, but did publicly say, "When the next leadership convention convenes, I will challenge the Prime Minister." After the Judiciary Reform Bill passed the Parliament with an absolute majority, Jerome was tasked with being the chair of the Judiciary Committee. While serving as chair, tempers between the Prime Minister and Jerome calmed. That would change on 22nd September when the Prime Minister took away the chair, and made him a back bencher.

On 2nd October, Jerome sought to leave the Party and create his own political party. The Office of Elections refused to allow him to make his own party, as the Secretary was a yes-man of Barbet's. After the kidnapping of King Eldras VI, Jerome spoke out and called for cooperation between the Prime Minister and the Regent Princess Dorothea. On 15th October, Jerome went to the Office of Elections with a petition signed by 35 members of Liberal Alksearia declaring his intention of forming his own Party. The Office accepted as it had enough signatories to be declared as an independent party and not a caucus of Liberal Alksearia.

Jerome has been the Leader of Liberal-Democrats since 15th October 2020, and has managed to get enough people to run for every seat in the General Assembly. His party is favored to win a majority in the election, but the margin is currently a 2 seat majority.