Claire Bennet

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The Right Honorable, Lady-Governor
Claire Bennet
Claire in 2020
1st Lady-Governor of the Senate
Assumed office
5th August 2020
MonarchEldras VI
Queen Dorothea
Preceded byposition established
Lady of House Bennet
Assumed office
9th September 2008
Preceded byEnzo Bennet
Personal details
Claire Élise Bennet

(1985-07-07) 7 July 1985 (age 38)
St. Jerome Hospital, Chosir, Alksearia
ResidenceBennet Manor

Lady Claire Bennet (born Claire Élise Bennet) is the eldest of the Bennet sisters. Her role as the head of the Bennet family lead to her having a major role in the Senate. Initially raised with the knowledge that she would never inherit the family estate, Claire learned how to balance books and work as a normal "Lord" of an estate. Her father would change his will to give his daughter inheritance in 2006. Ever since then, she has been instrumental in keeping her county thriving and surviving.

Early Life

Claire was born to Lord-Barron Enzo Bennet and Lady Élise Bennet. The eldest of three daughters, Claire was not raised as the heir of the Bennet estate. Her father told her when she was 8 years old that she would never inherit the Bennet estate as she wasn't a boy. Her father also insisted that she would be married off by age 16. Her mother helped raise her and her sisters and taught them all of the chores traditional for women.

By age 16, Claire refused to be treated like a prop in her father's life. Instead of debuting that year as a marriage candidate, she went against her father's wishes and with the help of a few of her friends, founded a small trading company. She and her 4 other friends served as the executive officers of the trading company. In 4 years, the company was trading upwards of 1 million KAC in a week.

Claire, Anaïs, Romaine, Céleste and Aurélia (CARCA) Trading Co.

The CARCA Trading Company was started