Cooper Ventures

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Cooper Ventures
TypePrivately Owned Company
IndustryReal Estate
Founded15th, June 2000 in Fantøm
FounderRose Cooper
OwnerRose Cooper

Cooper Ventures is a diversified real estate company responsible for the acquisition, design, development, construction and management of business parks, shopping centers, apartment communities and mixed-use environments. The company owns and operates approximately 6,500 apartment units and 5 million square feet of office, industrial and retail space in Newport, Fantøm and Tordalen.


Rose Cooper founded that company in 18th of June 1999, after winning the lottery. Using her new found wealth to attend classes for real estate courses and then later buying lots of land in the Fantøm, in the Nystatinne side. Her investments into Fantøm proved to be incredibly profitable moral ambiguity set aside of dealing with the Nystatiszna government. In the current today, Cooper Ventures activities include new-home construction, commercial construction, civil engineering, commercial, multi-family property development and management.

The Cooper Ventures' projects include the building of the "nobility" housing and eco-friendly apartments across Nystatiszna, the foundations for the street car rails for the Newport's Rapid Transit (NRT) system.