Coat of arms of the Andorinhões

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Coat of Arms of the Andorinhões
The escutcheon of the coat of arms of the Andorinhões
ArmigerCommission of the State
Adopted5 June 1992; 31 years ago (1992-06-05)
CrestThree green hops
BlazonGolden martlet
SupportersGolden garbs of barley
Useon the national currency; in the National Assembly; on official buildings; on passports; on ID cards; in the header of the official documents

The coat of arms of the Andorinhões is the main heraldic insignia of the Andorinhões. The present model was officially adopted on 5 June 1992, along with the present model of the Flag of the Andorinhões. It is based on the coat of arms used by the Republic of Martlet with some elements from the People's Republic of the Andorinhas.

The coat of arms is widely used and appear on passports, stamps, official documents and appears on most government buildings.

Official description

The blazoning is:

Azure with a bordure Gules, a martlet Or. Surmounted with three hops Vert. Supported by garbs of barley Or. Under, the motto ANDORINHÕES.

The coat of arms is composed of elements from all the history of the Andorinhões, with the red bordure dating from the Order of the Holy Cross, the martlet from the Republic of Martlet, the hops from the both the Republic and the Socialist Republic of the Martlets Islands and the garbs of barley from the People's Republic of the Andorinhas.

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