Elections in the Andorinhões

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The Andorinhões holds elections for the ceremonial head of state: the Governor, and for a legislature: the National Assembly. The governor is elected for a five-year term by the people. The National Assembly has 76 members, elected for a four-year term by proportional representation.

The Andorinhões has a multi-party system for the National Assembly, which means that all political parties have the capacity to gain a majority, separately or in coalition. The governor is never affiliated to a political party but wether to an alliance of interests.

Since joining the United Nations of the Auroran Continent, the Andorinhões also participate in the Auroran Parliament and elects representatives.

National elections

Latest elections

2019 legislative election

Main article: 2019 Andorinhean legislative election
Summary of the 2 September 2019 legislative elections results
Andorinhões National Assembly 2019.svg
Political parties Votes %
  We Andorinheans 173,537 32.74
  Conservative Coalition 67,125 12.67
  Democratic Alternative 64,910 12.25
  Constitutionalist Tradition 49,405 9.33
  National Assembly of Independents 39,367 7.43
  New Socialist Option 33,856 6.39
  National Labour Party 32,788 6.09
  Republican Reformists Group 26,956 5.09
  Federation of Creditists 14,745 2.78
  League of Progressive Forces 10,174 1.92
  Patriotic Alliance 7,546 1.42
  People's Front of Communal Revolution 6,702 1.26
  Unity of the Cross 3,383 0.64
Total valid 529,495 97.45
Blank ballots 6,034 1.11
Invalid ballots 7,824 1.44
Total 543,353 100.00
Registered voters/turnout 872,042 62.37

2017 executive election

Main article: 2017 Andorinhean executive election
Summary of the 6 March 2017 executive elections results
Candidate Alliance 1st round
Votes cast %
Cristóvão de Carvalho Alliance for the re-election of Cristóvão de Carvalho 267,925 56.72%
Ambrósio Macedo Alliance of workers for Ambrósio Macedo 204,469 43.28%
Valid votes 472,394 99.09%
Blank votes 2,628 0.55%
Invalid votes 1,692 0.350%
Total votes 476,714 100.00%
Registered voters/Turnout 878,119 54.29%

Local elections

Latest election

2020 local election

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Supernational elections

Latest election

2021 Auroran Auroran election

Main article: 2021 Andorinhean Auroran election

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