Chance Syng

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Former President Chance Syng
Born December 12, 1952
Nniikt, Axdel
Presidential Term January 9th, 1972 - January 9th, 1982
Successor Kayla Hansleigh, 1982
Chief of Staff Rythian Inundstat
Issue Individual Rights
Full name Chance Paydaiyung Syng
Father Thomas Daywood
Mother Pamela Daywood
Current Status Currently Resides in Portside

Chance Paydaiyung Syng was born on December 12th, 1952. They reportedly identified as agender since the age of three.

Early Life

Born Chance Paydaiyung Daywood in Nniikt, Axdel, they moved with their parents to Aura in 1957.

Their parents were killed in a government inquisition. Because of their parent's support for an anti-Morstaybishlian publication, they were sentenced for treason. From then on, raised by their godmother Addisonia Syng, and Chance's surname was changed to Syng in keeping with Imperial tradition.

Teen Years

With the consolidation of gubernatorial power in the Northwestern sect, police brutality increased ten-fold. So, too, did the resistance movement. Drawn in with a number of friends, Syng met a young man named Hunter Stonewall, who they became close to before Stonewall was hospitalized and later taken off life support after a hit to the head with a pressurized water cannon left him brain dead. Syng has recounted in several biographies that they consider Stonewall their first love.

With the death of Stonewall, Syng was catapulted into the world of organized resistance. Their godmother was hospitalized with cancer, and moved to Sani Bursil for treatment. Syng turned 18 just prior, and remained in Aura to continue their anti-government efforts.

Freedom Fighter

As a legal adult, Syng went on to lead several peaceful protests (debates are still ongoing as to whether they were involved on the attack on the Castille Hydroelectric Plant, as the former president has never confirmed nor denied involvement in the incident) against Morstaybishlian rule.

Eventually, the protests came to a head, and the local imperial police turned on the NW governor, Lord Thesius Vorenstein Crumplebottom. He was exiled, and Syng (who even then was a symbol of freedom and revolution) was voted into his place as democratically elected governor. Their first act; join Norograd in departing Morstayishlia.


As Governor of the Northwestern Territories of Norograd, their actions reflected the mostly peaceful desires of the populace. However, Norograd soon jumped into the imperial war on the side of Ethalria, leaving Syng no choice but to declare independence once more. On June 18th, 1970, Emberwood Coast was officially founded, so named for the indigenous flora along the southern coast of the new nation.

As president, Syng felt it necessary to engage in intelligence activities. Numerous agents were sent into the field, with an impressive record toward preventing major combat operations between the four major forces. However, after an err on the part of a senior intelligence official, Norograd fired an orbital weapon at an Ethalrian city. Syng's program of espionage in the name of peace was forever marred by this failure.

In 1972, the nation's first official elections were held. Syng was elected in another landslide, and served for nine more years, never having less than 75% approval from their constituents as they led the nation. They oversaw the founding of the Auroran Continental Assembly, and presided over the first twenty official meetings between the continent's delegates.

In 1981, documents were unclassified detailing the failure of Syng's intelligence program, igniting a firestorm of media debate and international concern. Amid the scandal, Syng resigned, leaving the position open for their successor, Kayla Hansleigh, to be elected and reestablish the nation's credibility as a bastion of peace and freedom on Urth.


Chance Syng at a conference on individual rights at Rybeck in March 2016

Syng now lives in a quiet neighborhood of Portside, occasionally taking part in Auroran Continental Assembly meetings as an honorary delegate. They have been married to Manimaru Syng for nine years now.