Bolvinian Plateau

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The Bolvinian Plateau
Highest point
PeakMount Bolvin, Drakaland
Elevation6,112 m (20,052 ft)
Length1,704 km (1,059 mi)
CountriesGreat Morstaybishlia
North Ethalrian Confederacy

The Bolvinian Plateau or the Plateau of Bolvinia is a vast elevated plateau in Aurora separating most of the north and south of the central continent. It stretches approximately 1,700 kilometers west to east and is one of the world's highest and largest plateaus above sea level, with an average area of 1,985,897.4 square kilometers. It has an average elevation of over 2,000 meters.

The plateau is separated into several regions, the most famous of which is Altrintschstatz.