Ano Nevran Tekoshi

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His Excellency
Ano Nevran Tekoshi
Nevran Tekoshi in 2010
Ambassador to the International Forum
Assumed office
10 June 2022
Ambassador to Great Morstaybishlia
In office
5 February 2020 – 10 June 2022
Personal details
Ano Tekoshi

(1971-05-01) 1 May 1971 (age 53)
Masako, Peregrinia
ResidenceRilanon, Christie Island
Alma materUniversity of Prometheusburg

Ano Nevran Tekoshi (born Ano Tekoshi on May 1, 1971) is the current Ambassador of the Kingdom of Tavaris to the International Forum. A member of the kemonomimi species originally from Peregrinia, Nevran Tekoshi is one of the very few Tavari citizens not of orcish descent.

Early Life

Ano Tekoshi was born in Masako, Peregrinia, inside the kemonomimi reservation. In his memoirs, From East to West, Tekoshi says that he was interested in traveling to other places from a very young age. His mother was a travel agent, and his father was an airline pilot. He was able to take "many vacations to many different places," he said in the book, including a trip to Crystal Coast, Tavaris when he was 11. "I immediately fell in love with the country and decided then and there that I would live there some day."

Tekoshi went to the University of Prometheusburg in Peregrinia and earned a bachelor's degree in Public Affairs. True to his word, after graduation in 1993 he moved to Tavaris. Because no university in Peregrinia had taught Tavari as a course, he had studied Tavari in his spare time between classes and at night, including using audio cassette tapes that he had to pay to have shipped from Tavaris to Peregrinia. His first job in Tavaris was teaching Codexian to elementary school students, which he did for six years. At night and on weekends he attended Akronist religious study classes, and formally underwent conversion to Akronism in 1995. In 1999, he applied for Tavari citizenship and renounced citizenship of Peregrinia. At his citizenship ceremony, the presiding official from the Bureau of Immigration said that Tekoshi was the first kemonomimi to become a naturalized Tavari citizen in more than 10 years.

Upon accepting Tavari citizenship, Tekoshi changed his name to include what Tavari call a "line name" or "clan name," as required by Tavari law. Immigrants to Tavaris that are not descended from any Tavari clan by blood are free to adopt any extant line name without restriction, though some choose to go through the process of becoming formally "adopted" by an extant Tavari clan. Tekoshi chose to adopt the line name Nevran as his line name and sought formal adoption into Line Nevran. His sponsor was then-Deputy Prime Minister Žarís Nevran Alandar, a personal friend as well as the Delegate to the Diet for Line Nevran.

Diplomatic Career

After gaining Tavari citizenship, Nevran Tekoshi joined the Tavari External Affairs Service. Over the course of his career in the service he was posted as a consular official in various places, such as Asilica, Alva, South Hills, and even his native Peregrinia. After serving as Bureau Chief for Visa Services in Peregrinia for four years, Nevran Tekoshi returned to Tavaris when he was appointed as Undersecretary to the Minister for Administration. In this post, he was the chief Sentient Resources officer for the Ministry of External Affairs, in charge of employment policy for the ministry. In 2012, Nevran Tekoshi briefly served as Acting Minister of External Affairs when the incumbent in the office was in an automobile accident.

Nevran Tekoshi gained the attention of the public when, as Acting Minister, he gave a report to the Diet regarding the Tavari "back-channel" relations with the Federation of Bana. A highly sensitive topic, Nevran Tekoshi was seen as responding to severely intense questioning from angry members of the Diet with grace and poise. Later, Nevran Tekoshi was credited with the idea for Tavaris to conduct all relations with Bana through the Asilican Embassy, a policy which continued until the 2020 normalization of relations between the two countries. Nevran Tekoshi would later be posted as Senior Minister to the Ambassador to Asilica, where he was the Tavari official in charge of conducting relations with the Federation of Bana.

In 2020, Elat Tekoshi was appointed by Prime Minister Šano Šonai Tuvria to be Tavari Ambassador to Great Morstaybishlia, seen as one of the most premier posts in Tavari foreign relations. In 2022, he was appointed Tavari ambassador to the International Forum after previous incumbent Jaak Moenarr Vähi was named Minister of External Affairs for the newly independent United Tribes of Rodoka and the Isles.