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Venti Cent is an Endertopian politician and diplomat currently serving as the nation's ambassador to the International Forum. He was a member of the Nortilus Council and the Endertopian Assembly, he also holds records for being the youngest member ever of the two legislature bodies.

Venti Cent
Venti voting in the 2020 General Election
Born (1985-11-18) November 18, 1985 (age 38)
Centown, Nortilus
Alma materAethel Puffington University, B.A. in Political Science
Height178 cm (5 ft 10 in)
TitleOwner of the Ventybar
Venti Cent
Endertopian Ambassador to the International Forum
Assumed office
April 12, 2020
Member of the Endertopian Assembly
In office
April 7, 2012 – August 13, 2015
Member of the Nortilus Council
In office
April 13, 2008 – April 6, 2012

Born and raised in the northerly town of Centown, Nortilus, he is known for his "cold" appearance. He is a connoisseur of words and a prior member of the Puffington University Debate Club.

Early Life

Venti was born on November 18, 1985 in the small town of Centown in Endertopias' State of Nortilus. He lived most of his childhood in the rural town and in the dark and cold winters. During his time in the Dimefield High School, a trip to Eyjafyalland, where the flowers dot the landscape with striking colors other than snowy white, opened his eyes to the wonders of the outside world. The trip fueled his desire to go out into the world, to see more beyond the mountains separating Nortilus from the rest of the world.

He graduated high school and enrolled in the most prestigious institute in Endertopias, the Aethel Puffington University. Venti's experience of visiting the national palace in the trip prompted him to pursue a major in political sciences. He also joined the Debate Club and achieved second place in the 2005 NAPU Roast Race.


Nortilus Secessionist Movement opposition

The university days of Venti saw the height of the Nortilus Secessionist Movement. Venti opposed the NSM, stating that "that trip in middle school has changed my life, made me know that the State of Nortilus, and my Centown, is uncontestably connected to our larger whole that is Endertopias." While studying in Puffington University, Venti went on tours to spread his agenda both in the capital and back home with the help of his family.

Nortilus Council

With his charisma and clever words he was able to spread his messages. The freshman was elected to the Nortilus Council in the seat of his hometown, Centown in 2008, making him the youngest member of the Nortilus Council. Putting his experiences in the debate club to work, during his time in the Council he gained a reputation for being relentlessly aggressive in the chamber. Venti is widely considered to be the man that put the Nortilus Secessionist Movement to rest. He was also noted for being a avid alcohol "enjoyer."

Endertopian Assembly

As his reputations grew, so did his followings. Venti was elected to the Endertopian Assembly in the 2012 78th General Election as an unaffiliated member. Venti continued his usual style of aggressive and often amusing debates. He met and befriended John Bourke in the meanwhile, someone who would later become the Prime Minister.

The Drunk Cent

After the tragic loss of his mother in the start of 2015, Venti spun into a spiral of depression and alcoholism. During this period, Venti relied on support from his friends to stay afloat. The most significant figure is John Bourke, who Venti claims "has saved his life with his drowning love and support." His enjoyment of alcohol turned into reliance; after several accounts of being intoxicated in parliament sessions, Venti officially resigned from the Endertopian Assembly on August 13, 2015.

Hiatus and the Ventybar

After the resignation, Venti continued to receive support from Bourke. Venti returned home and opened the Ventybar in downtown Nortilus. The Ventybar was praised for high quality drinks under the devotion of Venti. Bourke would continue visiting the bar even after assuming office as the Prime Minister in 2020. Many Endertopian high-ranking officials have been reported to be customers of Venti's passion for quality liquor.

IF Ambassador

John Bourke became the Prime Minister after the 80th General Election, and he came to Venti, offering a chance to return to the scene as an ambassador to the IF. An offer to which Venti agreed. Venti appointed one of his friends to continue operating the Ventybar while he represents the country on Christie Island.

After the almost-5-year hiatus, Venti is softened and more cautious when debating. Unlike this change, the International Forum in which he serves is ever more chaotic.